Infinite Flight 21.6

Okay thanks!😀 I hope the A220 is going well and I hope you are well, enjoy your day, night, evening, week, month, year, and life.


@AV-Booney If you look at the Infinite Flight Instagram the just showed another picture of the A220


I Love this update!

When is Seattle Tacoma getting 3D buildings? its a popular airport and i’d do more flights at Seattle if they had them, I do Los Angeles and JFK because they have 3D airports, plus its the airport closest to my house


I would love to know too! I love KSEA and can’t wait for a WIP of it!

However all airport developments are disclosed to the public, what we do know is the IF devs have a goal that all airports around the globe will be 3D!

The best thing to do is pay attention to all of Infinite Flights social medias including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the NEW ADDITION… TikTok!

You can find more information in #blog and #announcements.

This will help keep you up to date with developments with Infinite Flight!

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Wow! That will make infinite flight the best mobile flight simulator of all!


I’ve just been noticing that on the map, when clicking on an airport and seeing its name, that we now see the country written underneath. I don’t remember this previously?

This is useful I think, I am guilty of often not knowing what country I’m flying over, and well, I think, pilots should know what country they’re flying over!

I know I’m slightly late to the party, but this update looks amazing. Can’t wait to get out and visit the new airports.

Awesome work as per usual!


yay my will be VA’s hub is now 3D

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Can someone give me a very detailed thing on ground Atc and Tower some things i just dont get.

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wdym? like the new commands?

Here you go:

Looks great, can’t wait to get out there flying