Infinite Flight 21.6

Thank u guys soo much for this update especially for bringing OPIS. I have way more love for this game now ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥


Thanks Tyler,
that helps explain alot. I suspected there was a little bias being exercised and those who do the heavy lifting for us arm chair users deserve that creative liberty ! At least I know whats going on. Hats off to them. I also understand the larger or complex the facility the more goes into it including time. So what has been said before is its all a balancing act.

The fact that they are considering routes and key airports that connect it all is reassuring .

I also appreciate your comment, minus the common insult to anyone that wonders how this all comes together and dare asks. That (more than once) assault on social media does nothing to help and only solicits a heavier punch back lol.

Thanks IF for all your efforts

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Was this update meant to come yesterday?

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Fair point !! I spent some time earlier today to Google it. Personally I spend some time researching airports I don’t know about. I included this one in my original comment as an example Before I looked it up.

I’m happy to help! Unfortunately I didn’t understand this comment at all, but you’re welcome to PM me and elaborate further so I can help address anything that needs attention. Cheers!

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i think he was referring about the negativity and toxicity comment on social media platforms.

I’m 30 mins out from CYLW, inbound now…thanks for the pic, can’t wait to land!!

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Bit suprised we still havent gotten Toronto or Vancouver out of all the Canadian airports but i aint complaining really… Keep bringing in these beautiful airports i cant wait for more in the future.


thank you all the Infinite Flight team for your work 😍
still not added air Algeria 737 😭😭😭

Orange Pride livery fixed. Thanks !!!


fitting for an update including Schiphol in 3D. great work IF team, the airports keep getting better and better, keep them coming!


Looks like an awesome update! Keep up the work

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Great update!

wow, looks amazing, shame i am still stuck on 20.3

No news on the stuck yokes on the DC10/MD11?

Is it Working on Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime?

Unfortunately this device is not supported since it only supports 32bit applications. Infinite Flight is a 64bit application.

Note that even if it could run Infinite Flight, The Galaxy Prime J5 is 5 years old and would not provide the best experience.

I’m so excited for this! Definitely looking forward to 21.6!

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We’ve got those models with 4K textures but in order to limit the memory we use, we’ve lowered the quality. It’s something we can bring up later if we see our memory budget is ok.

As to the generic buildings lacking details, the editors work with a version 1 of this system which allows limited shapes. We’re going to revisit this as we go to allow more modifications but it’s going to take some time.


Just fixed it, restart the app to get the updated config.