Infinite Flight 21.6 Spanish language correction

Hello, it’s a cool feature having translations to spanish and french, that may help new users without a high knowledge of english. But as a native Spanish speaker I detected some mistakes in the translation or words that are not wrong, but could be replaced by better options.

English Actual Translation Correct Translation Notes
“online mode” “modo online” “modo multijugador” Is true that we use the online term in spanish, but the correct word is “multijugador”. This is present in many options underlines.
“Interface Timeout” “Limite de Tiempo Para Ocultar Interfaz” “Límite de Tiempo Para Ocultar la Interfaz” Missing article “la” (the).
“Invert External/Internal Cameras Vertical Motion” “Invertir Moción Vertical de Cámaras Externas/Internas” “Invertir Movimiento Vertical en Cámaras Exteriores/Interiores” “Moción” is not very used by spanish natives, better to use “movimiento”. Same happens with “externa/interna”, but we mostly use “exterior/Interior”.
“Automatically Set Start Airport” “Establece Aeropuerto…” “Establecer Aeropuerto…” Missing letter.
“Enable ForeFlight Linking” “Activa el link con ForeFlight” “Enlazar con ForeFlight” Link is not accepted in the spanish dictionary, also we can save words with the verb “Enlazar”, which means “to link”. So means the same.
“Automatic Airplane Downloads Over Cellular Data” “Descargas Aútomaticas Usando Datos Móviles” “Descargas Automáticas Usando Datos Móviles” Accent placed in the wrong position. “Aútomaticas” doesn’t exist.
Also check all the underlines below every option. The conjunction “y” will be replaced by “e” if the next word starts with “i” or “hi”.
“Your Stats” “Tus Estadisticas” “Tus Estadísticas” Missing accent.
“SFX Volume” “Volumen de Aviones” “Volumen del Entorno” “SFX” refers to all the sounds produced by all the objects in the surroundings (entorno).
“FPS Limit” “Limite de Cuadros por Segundo” “Límite de FPS” We don’t really use the word “Cuadros” for that meaning, for that we use “Fotogramas”, so the acronym “FPS” can stay.
“Fly online” “Volar Online” “Volar en línea” Above I’ve said that online should be “multijugador”, but in the main menu context the correct word is “en linea”
“Replays” “Replays” “Repeticiones” Not translated
“High/Medium/Low” “High/Medium/Low” “Alto/Medio/Bajo” Not translated
That’s all for the moment. If I detect more I’ll update the list!

Gracias! The list is useful, I’ll fix some of these, lots are just oversights

(I’ll second what Laura said about Spanish feeling like a second language for me… y se nota que siempre sacaba mala nota de ortografía :p)


Jaja, no te preocupes, está bien traducido, solo que le falta ese toque nativo que es difícil de dominar sino es tu lengua principal ;)

Haha, don’t worry, it’s well translated, only that it lacks that native touch that it’s difficult to domain if it is not your main language ;)


It’s a native language for me, I just don’t use it from day-to-day as much now that I don’t live in Spain. Over the lockdowns it felt as if I had forgotten basic words :) and doing this massive list, some typos/bad translations weren’t caught

Regarding online/multijugador, this is because it was also called “Live” before and some of this is still remaining in the UI. We’re working on gradual improvements to the UI and will clean this up


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