Infinite Flight 21.6 French language correction

Hello everyone,
first of all, we have to admit that Infinite Flight continues to make more and more promising updates which is great, especially the appearance of the first translations like Spanish and French which starts to make Infinite Flight more special than its competitors because it thinks about the comfort of the players all over the world, once again,

However, but it’s not a big deal at all, I would like to make some changes on the French translation if you allow me, it’s ok if you do nothing, but here is just in case :

English Word French Word Suggested correction Note
“Callsign” “Signe d’appel” Indicatif d’appel” The word “Signe” is not really used in French aviation, we rather speak of “Indicatif” or “Plaque” (I don’t recommend the last word)
“High, Very High” "Haut, très haut " Elevé, Très élevé" When we say “haut”, we are talking about the height and we do not use it in circumstances that concern cases like graphics or other, the words “Très élevé” can be replaced by “Extreme”
“Voice Pitch” “Hauteur de la voix” Intensité de la voix” To speak about the gravity of the voice, we use more the word “Intensité” (intensity), the pitch is not very appropriate for that
“Low, Normal, High, Very High” ( Voice Pitch ) “Bas, Normal, Haut, Très haut” "Grave, Normale, Plutôt Aiguë, Aiguë Contrary to what I said before, there are other words for voice
“Airplane Count” “Nombre d’avions” “Décompte des avions” “Nombre d’avions” can be interpreted in another way, “Décompte des avions” would be more appropriate
“Strobes Lights” “Feux Anticollision” Lumière stroboscopique In aviation, “Anti-Collision” is a bit of a broad word, contrary to the English translation, an amateur or a French pilot may have a slight doubt with this word which includes two different lights, the word “stroboscopic” ( strobes ) is better for that
“Beacons Lights” “Lumière Anti-Collision” feux de navigation As I said above, the word “Anti Collision” is vast, “navigation lights” or “position lights” are better for this kind of situation
“Pushback” “Pushback” Repoussage The word pushback is good, but “repoussage” sounds more French

Conclusion: As a French person, this language is quite weird, besides not having accents, we have words for every situation (so if you have a bad grade on a French test, don’t worry, it’s normal), (also weird but normal, I find that French is easier to learn than English)

Thank you very much for reading this suggestion, hope you find it useful!

( If someone from France or someone else would like to make changes, don’t hesitate )


Thanks, we’ll adjust some of those.

I did part of the translation and it felt like a second language now lol


Dix hisse feu nids

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Regarding voice pitch, I do not agree with the proposed “intensité”. “Hauteur” seems more appropriate.
Just my two French “centimes”… 😉

“Hauteur de la voix” sounds weird, is it if I came to you and said “Ta voix est haute”, I would say more “ta voix est aiguë”

Isn’t it called “timbre”

I am not a professional in the field of music, but I believe that we use this kind of word only in the musical theme (tenors etc. …)

Timbre is a solution, but hauteur is simpler imo.

Yes it’s true but I think it’s not a very fancy word

Iintensité in sounds refers to strength, loudness, not pitch.

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