Infinite Flight 21.5

It is the same, they just slap “Neo” on it to make it seem different.

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Yeah, seems like just the 3D model has changed (engines and wingtips) but the plane has exactly the same performance. The Trent 7000 has double the bypass ratio of the 700, it should have a much better climb and cruise performance.


Now that would be fun! When tasked with flying different liveries, we sorta differentiate our pre-flight checks and flight calculations and actually experience it… hope they tweak one of the two soon!

Just like the A333, it is between 0,8 and 0.82.

Hey, the engines actually have more punch in the 339 but we’re not talking 2x the power here according to the data I could find.

Check here the thrust values:

They may need some more tweaking but I’d need more data.

The wing itself is similar, and drag profile should be close to the same. So even with a bit more power, I doubt it’s much different.

Now, if anyone has data that can help improve the model, please send it my way, I’d be happy to adjust.
Note that it has to be complete data, not a screenshot from FlightRadar with no weight config known, and during a global pandemic where no flight is operated at standard performance, especially international flights.
Ideally, I’d need a N1, current weight (pass and fuel ideally), current altitude, current temperature.


Woaaah that’s some cool info!! Thank you Laura for clarifying this!🥳


I have checked on solo the power needed at ISA temp and no wind for many weight/altitude combinations. The differences with the A333 data I had noted before are extremely small if they exist at all (less than 1% N1 delta sometimes, 0 most of the time).
I would say, however, that the neo is a litle bit harder to slow down on descent, so is more efficient.
It is perfectly normal in my view. The only change I would have expected is on the fuel burn side, which I have not checked, eventhough the value given in the app is the same.

The ultimate plane.

Hey do any of you know if 21.5 is out on iOS yet? If you do please tell me :)

Yep, it’s been out since yesterday. Try restarting your device if you haven’t received it yet!

me too I’m so happy !

I was doing a flight with the A330neo and when I landed I realized I had left the cabin window open. XD

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Calls the FAA


Heck! Calls the NTSB


FANTASTIC JOB GUYS!! I was so excited to see KLAS and EDDF finally 3D, and the neo is gorgeous. I’m always hype to see what the future holds. Keep up the good work! <3


It’s out on iOS!

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Very Impressed (10/10⭐️)


Really surprised Amsterdam was left out. Maybe next time they come lucky. China and Africa also unlucky. Like the A330neo although wish it was a completed A350. We just wait for future. Good work.

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who is everyone?

Just asking

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The whole Infinite Flight Community!

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