Infinite Flight 21.5

I’m lovin’ the 3D buildings at PAJN, great work devs!


is it for any one to fly or just infinite flight pro?

Hi there! Welcome to the IFC!

Could you clarify your question? Do you mean the whole 21.5 update or aircraft or regions?

If you mean the entire update…

The A339 is available to pro users, regions are available for non-pro users.

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This is certainly a great surprise to wake up and see.

Thanks so much Infinite Flight developers, staff, moderators, livery designers… the list goes on for everything you guys do, to bring amazing updates to the game time after time.

I’m sure I’m speaking on behalf of everyone, when I say that we appreciate it.


will my 2015 samsung tab a 8.0 (SM-T350) be able to run the new update?

Go ahead and search through this topic and find your device.

Unfortunately not. And i do know you’re aware of the reason :)

Not there :(

Why is the infinite flight subscription so cheap?
Have the devs reduced the rental?

Curious, what currency is that @Hussnly_Tinwala?

I believe that is Indian Rupees. 999 Rupees is dirt cheap compared to most countries, with a 1 year sub costing only £9.57/$13.59. I’d love a cut of that! Although of course not a cut from the devs. 😅


That is quite the discount.

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IF suddenly went up to $99 a month lol.

No, that’s 99 rupees, so $1.35 a month.

I know, I was just making a joke cause it looked like $99.

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So why hasn’t ATL been added as a 3D airport? I’d expect the devs to add it by now cause it’s such a big airport.

The developers and staff have stated before that the aim of Infinite Flight is to have all airports especially all the major airports 3D at some point in time.

There is only so many airports that the team can add per release and they also want to spread the 3D airports between the IFATC regions to help spread out traffic and also give pilots the incentive to explore somewhere new.



Blimey that is cheap…wish it was like that for everyone…

Hey I’m from india this the the Indian rupee.

What airport is that in the post with the air belgium a330?