Infinite Flight 21.5

Why is VABB featured again?


this was unexpected

and VTBS too!


It has a new custom tower

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VABB and VTBS have new towers and are counted as a new version in our system. We’ll fix this map to make it clearer for the next update


So much good that I don’t even know where to start! 🤩🤩🤩👏👏👏👏👏

ahhhh i see yea i got confused

i wonder when we will find out what the next plane you guys are gonna work on next?

OMG! I mean IF … A330 Neo VABB custom tower and free regions?! Am I still dreaming?

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Itss Heerrreeeeee‼️‼️
Thanks IF, these updates be flyingg outt quickkkk. Much thanks to all the staff for making it possible😎🙌

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Nice ! KOREAN AIR 777-300ER!


Huge thanks to all the devs! We love you guys and your work is much appreciated!

What a great time to release this!! On a monday too!!

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I’m already flying the TAP A339 from LPPT to LPMA, the A339 it’s beautiful, you have done an amazing job.

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I reckon the A340-300 will be worked on next for the same reason they chose to do the A339

woohoo, awesome work!!!

No Melbourne! 🙁

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Can’t wait! Can’t find the update though

Don’t forget you can update your rating for this release in the App Store!


Thank you so much for these amazing updates!

You guys really do work hard to deliver on these new aircraft and 3D Airports!
I’m especially excited about the A330-900neo, and Manchester EGCC as well as BIKF, LEMD and EDDF!

Thanks so much!