Infinite Flight 21.5

Just updated. Amazing work on the NEO.

Cannot wait for what’s coming in 21.6 👁


Wow, can’t wait to fly Aircalin. Amazing stuff team!

Why is VABB featured again?


this was unexpected

and VTBS too!


It has a new custom tower

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VABB and VTBS have new towers and are counted as a new version in our system. We’ll fix this map to make it clearer for the next update


So much good that I don’t even know where to start! 🤩🤩🤩👏👏👏👏👏

ahhhh i see yea i got confused

i wonder when we will find out what the next plane you guys are gonna work on next?

OMG! I mean IF … A330 Neo VABB custom tower and free regions?! Am I still dreaming?

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Itss Heerrreeeeee‼️‼️
Thanks IF, these updates be flyingg outt quickkkk. Much thanks to all the staff for making it possible😎🙌

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Nice ! KOREAN AIR 777-300ER!


Huge thanks to all the devs! We love you guys and your work is much appreciated!

What a great time to release this!! On a monday too!!

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I’m already flying the TAP A339 from LPPT to LPMA, the A339 it’s beautiful, you have done an amazing job.

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I reckon the A340-300 will be worked on next for the same reason they chose to do the A339

woohoo, awesome work!!!

No Melbourne! 🙁

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Can’t wait! Can’t find the update though