Infinite Flight 21.4

Ok. Will the livery return to the A333 in the future?

It’s actually super for any EAA fly-in events that might happen on the community!

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Soo, 21.4 has been released, updating mine took the VS A333 for a spin but not gonna lie I’m a little disappointed, firstly I was ready to see the new engine types (CF6-80 and PW4000) but that never happened and we only got the CF6. And then theres… the sounds which to be honest is an even bigger let down because now we have A330s powered by RR Trent 90-115Bs and GE CF90-115Bs I mean really? You guys smashed it with the 757 and 777 updates. However I will give credit where credit is due, the updated cockpit is amazing, the new livery additions is also great as well as the new airports that has been added but thats about all the positive things I can say.

This post will probs get flagged because thats what seems to happen a lot in this forum when a little bit of personal opinion is given about something


This was made clear from the very beginning though. Only the GE and the RR variants were coming in the rework for this update.

I’d recommend you read this post which might explain things better, about why they chose to keep the sound pack that they did:

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you must have lived under a stone for the last few days or so. The sounds have been clarified and explained by staff many times now and the PW’s were never meant to reach the update, the plan was only to add the CF6 and the Trent engine, that plan was there since the beginning.

(this text makes me look angry hahahha, im not hahaha)

The last 3 major updates have focused on scenery.

For previous updates, we discussed some of the criteria that goes into choosing this here:


Yea it’s a neat lil add in 😇

Lol I’ve been following this since it started, Am I not allowed to say why I’m disappointed that an engine type was missed out?

ofc you’re free to give your opinion about the update, but your comment makes it look like you only just discovered those points just now

iPhone in the A330 cockpit? Interesting.

With Infinite Flight installed on the iPhone.

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Thank you for Brussels Airlines <3

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Also, that doesn’t mean use an engine sound everyone will get annoyed about 😂 it just makes paying a what is pricey subscription pointless it would’ve been better off just using the old soundset.

Jeez some people just don’t like some people’s own opinions 😂

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It is compensated by the heavier weight of the business class seats IRL, so I advise you to simply go by weight if you want to simulate passenger ops

I didn’t say I didn’t like your opinions. I was just pointing you in the direction of what the devs have said :)

If you feel the sounds are not realistic enough, there’s a lot of people who agree with you. So much so, that there’s a feature request to change it to the 757 sound pack which seems to be a bit more realistic - especially since the Trents and the RB211s are practically siblings. I’ve linked it for you below, if you’d like to vote:

Awesome job IF team! I’ve always been looking forward to each update and never failed to impress!

Really proud of you guys! :D

As if that’ll make it any better 😂 as I’ve stated earlier I’ve been following the development of the A330 which is why I expressed my disappointment in what was an extremely hyped aircraft which was let down by two key factors, the lack of the PW4000 and the usage of the GE90 sounds.

That’s the problem, the seat capacity is capped to an incorrect amount.
So you cannot supplement that weight if it’s missing in the first place.

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You can really, just by adjusting the cargo weight. You might call it unrealistic but at the end of the day as long as the aircraft is balanced 100 passengers less with more cargo to offset the difference won’t affect your flying experience :)

Sad to see the factory livery go 😢