Infinite Flight 21.4

Ahh, amazing

Amazing work Jason. A big thanks to you & your team. Looking forward to flying this baby…

Can’t wait to fly the Boeing 330

but thats a full economy config, which airline in IF on the A330 operates full economy IRL?

The seat config on IF is typically the legal maximum.

As the IRL seating capacity varies so drastically between carriers.

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Hooray new update

Love the IF app on the captains phone 📱
Get a bit of practice in 😉😁




I like that Infinite Flight bag easter egg in the cockpit


Did so last Friday just for the update, even though I can only use it this week and the rest of the month is a waste xD

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Great job on the update devs. Quick question. How come the Garuda Indonesia livery was removed from the A333? The livery was perfectly fine and Garuda use the same engine as some of the other liveries airlines.


Just got the update on iOS! Looks great guys nice work!

I’ve been using IF 21.4 for 10 minutes and I can already say I’m absolutely delighted with the textures work. The A330 is the most realistic looking plane in the fleet, and sure it will get tired of being my choice for every single flight since now till idk. Outstanding job! 👏🏼

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Awesome! 21.4 sounds great!! Just need to land from my overnighter at DFW.

Two of my favorite aspects though that are surprises are the visible floors (no more invisible control towers for that perfect angle spotting photo - yes!!) and that Nellis AFB has 3D buildings.

Thank you devs! Another great update once again :) Can’t wait!

I was worried that this reality will get implemented and then it came true, but… bitter sweet fact of real life™ with tears is turning to an exciting hope with these words, hoping the Garuda Neo will arrive soon, greatest thank you for asuring that this Indonesian powerhouse bird will not be forgotten.

That being said… Thank you for another amazing update! Kudos to IF team hard at work bringing us unbelievable updates after updates so close to each other! This sim really is taking off to the skies and to date, still is the only one of its kind… The Best!

Aight, let’s try this baby out!

Thanks for the hard work to make Infinite Flight even better!

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I answered it previously:

Short answer: the model was re-made from scratch so we chose a new livery list, but we’re definitely keeping an eye on demand for the 330 NEO. Hopefully more on that soon!


No one, IF adding 3D airports: oh yes WS17 is a must add before them all.

OK but on a real note I am super hyped about this update and I can’t wait to play it just joshing on that 3D airport and I get why they did it😅

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May I ask then why only one livery from Oceania has been added in the last five updates?

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It’s right next to KOSH (Oshkosh), which is where AirVenture is happening this week! We thought we would include both airports since WS17 is quite small :)