Infinite Flight 21.4

They got inspired by Ronaldo’s statement xD

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alright thanks

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It will come out for your device anytime soon :)

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I’ll direct you to what Cameron the developer said:

And I would encourage you to stay active on the forum, to get to Trust Level 1 status so you can vote for your favourite livery right here, for the A330-900 Neo coming soon:

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Departure from Zurich 😍😍😍


The A330 is known to be pretty sluggish during climb to cruise. Do check out the tutorial below so you can realistically climb.


I did notice that you do have to be generous with the throttle on the A330, with 75% load I needed almost 100% N1 on take off with flaps 1+f to get a decent climb rate with even an 24kts headwind.


I saw this while flying but I didn’t know what brand it was

The A330 is really nice especially when rolling down the runway… Very well made.


Well the A330 doesn’t have a very powerful takeoff performance(I use 96-98% power everytime)

Yeah I noticed that too.

Keep up the amazing work, devs!

yeah kinda surprised me, I worked on the CF6-80E1 (and 80C2) IRL, it should have around 69.000lbf of take off thrust, which is not on the low side comparing it to the size of the engine and the design age

I love how the Placards are aircraft/livery specific now!

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Amazing Rework, Nice job everyone!

Actually, a plane rework and adding a new plane is the same thing. The reworks mean that IF have to make new 3D models from scratch and also do liveries again for the new model, so they’re starting from scratch no matter what.

Thank You!😄

Fantastic work by the devs! Greatful to have such a nice flight simulator for IOS and Android devices!

Your a lucky person. I am still waiting for the IOS to come out

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Refresh the App Store!