Infinite Flight 21.3

I know already, we will fly the a330 next year, when it will be not lo ger used😒


Please add VVTS and VVNB in next update please 🙏


Lukla, a huge asian airport lol


I’m pretty sure you’ll be flying it this year :)


Hopefully KMHT airport will be next in the 3D airports list. Would love to see this be the first NH airport to get a 3D airport in IF.

Great update!


I’m soooo unlucky that I reached 7 LV1 violations today… I’ll have to wait some time to join you guys with the new update at the expert server. 🥲

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I hope 😖, nah it was just ironic, I know there is lots of works so for that, the only thing that I cam say is, good job!

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Do you think Lulla is a major airport😂

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Nope but its a famous airport though, considered the gateway to everest.

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It’s major enough to have 3D building already

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So I have a question is the update already out or it’s coming out today?

Yeah but see the amount of airports added in other continents and Asia only 1

Brisbane airport in AUS finally got its second brand new runway in this update too!


Very discouraging… Not a single Indian Airport 😭😭😭


I’m also from Asia and I perfectly understand how you feel.

From what I sees it, most airports in this update are smaller class B or class Cs that only have 1 runway, 1 terminal, etc. It’s probably a trial for their method to quickly build an small airport, while Asian airports are mostly large hubs they’re likely to be left out. As many hubs like LSZH, EIDW and OEJN are in the future update I believe we’ll get some more hubs from Asia too.


To be fair I see people fly around Europe and America the most

Woah! Didn’t expect it so soon, thanks devs :))

True…Not Indian Not A single ASIAN airport apart from Lulla…this is very much Disappointing

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Just a reminder, it is planned for every airport to have buildings in the future. So just because your home/ favourite airports haven’t been added in this update doesn’t mean they won’t be coming sometime in the future.

Let’s keep the conversation regarding stuff that HAS arrived in the update, such as the new beautiful 27 airports. Twenty Seven airports in less than a month!


Ofcourse Only those regions have buildings so people fly there…People also fly to OMDB RKSI because they have buildings…If more Asian Countries/Regions get Buildings people will also fly there