Infinite Flight 21.3

I just noticed you already joined the community haha. My bad lol.

But I do still say, check out VNLK it is an amazing 3D airport ;)

sure ill check it out , thank u :)

It is a little disappointing however there are some good additions such as SAN, PPT to name a few and it is good to see the team working hard in rolling out more updates.

Moscow - DME was a great addition in the previous update.

Love to see more airports in Australia, Asia , other major cities in USA MIA SEA, ORD, etc, more interesting airports in Europe such as AMS, FCO etc, Eastern EU and Balkan European airports such as IST.

Are all airports going to be included eventually?

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Yes, the aim for Infinite Flight is to have all airports with 3D buildings and objects eventually, but remember that there is over 30,000+ airports around the globe, so the order they do them in, is anybody’s guess.

But it will come, not if, but when.

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Fair enough!

its gonna take a very long time to do over 30,000 airports!!!

It’s possible, however at the rate things are going right now, especially for all the bigger major airports, I could foresee like 2023-2024 in the thousands possibly.

In any case, the rate that 3D airports are being created and added to the sim is quite fast. We just gotta go for a ride!


Here is your answer:

From what I could tell in this update, most of the airports do not contain that much detail.
In my opinion it “easier” or it requires fewer details airports like LPMA, DGGA, LXGB, VL something, most of the airports in Polynesia, and that’s why it is possible to bring more airports at ounce. Because they announced 25 and they released 27.
Most of the airports have fewer details, specially African, south American and some asian airports.
Let me rephrase when I say “easy” I do not take the effort of this team 👥, I’m guessing I can be wrong
Thanks, Infinite Flight.

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I don’t think so. I don’t know if you had the opportunity to be in AMS outside of the SIM. It is truly amazing. And IF always wants to bring reality to the SIM. So, not guess is bigger airports have more complexity with the details. But more than half of the airports are quite simple. With simple airports, 🛄 we might see tons of them in less time…again, this is a hunch… Not exactly idea 💡 or knowledge 📕. I used to work with 3D objects, this was a long time.

Misread what you wrote sorry.

No problem! I am here to help.


Lol I saw it. No problem

Can we expect the VNAV for climbing in 21.4?
It would be truly amazing. Going through all these check points ↖️ manually it kills me 😩

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All my settings is set high so I don’t care about lag on my device or overheating 😜.

when you are climbing on VNAV does that mean that you have to stay below that altitude until you pass that waypoint?

I hope KBOS is included in the future updates!!!


Sometime during august

Will HNL get their original ramp tower back I noticed a difference


First picture shows an actual photo of airport
Before 21.3 the tower was exactly as the real one and now it is different


It’s not possible yet to climb with VNAV. If you use SID ou STAR there is usually an altitude limit, 'till you pass that waypoint then you can climb. Is that what you wanted to ask?
The VNAV on descent does for you.