Infinite Flight 21.3

Wow 27 new 3D airports, amazing! Great work IF team!

As far as updates go this is very much welcome, given the 27 new 3D airports and the fact the next update on the chopping block is 21.4, which should carry the A330 and another few airports (don’t quote me on that). Additionally, by process of elimination, MCO is getting closer and closer to getting itself some three-dimensional terminals 😁

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TNCM is not a 3D airport.

Well, now it is. Make sure Infinite Flight is updated to v21.3, and if no update is available, please use your patience card as updates can take a while to ship to an app store near you.

Just wondering, can I do IFATC training at that airport since it has now been reworked and it is pretty nice - haha.

If you read the 21.3 airport list, then you would see that it is.

Good update in my opinion

Tncm is literally packed with so many airplanes.


Yeah, cheers to whoever caused at least four go-arounds by deciding to backtrack after landing.


Great update but please add more Nigerian Airports , alot are missing. DNJA, DNGO, DNSU, DNAI, DNBB, DNBA, DNAS please add these Airports

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I wouldn’t expect anything less lol

All airports will eventually get 3D airports - the airports you mentioned will get their treatment, just be patient.

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P.S. the road at the end of tncm didn’t render in the replay for me. Teething troubles I guess

Aye don’t forget DNMM and DNAA

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I’m so happy now


my goodness TNCM is busy

Got my wishes come true, two at once! TNCM and LPMA. This is as weird as when I wished for the 737 rework to come true and it came true as an unannounced surprise. Very, very happy.

But app wise, Infinite Flight, thank you so much you’ve done such great works in the world’s flight simulation scene and isn’t that so true!

(Currently en-route for a night landing at LPMA).

And now I'm gonna push my luck... again😁

WADD (Bali) next pleease! 4,26 million arrivals in one year (2016 record year) or just put it in the list for next major adventure challenge destinations project across South East Asia.

South East Asia is a unique region in its own right, beautiful and magically inspiring for adventurers, among the many other beautiful regions to fly as captured by IF’s global scenery when looking out the window.

Indonesia (including Sumatra a.k.a birthplace of Holywood’s King Kong, and Bali where Liz (Julia Roberts) met Felipe (Xavier Bardim) in the movie Eat, Pray, Love), Malaysia, Thailand (The King and I, Phi-phi island as seen in The Beach, James Bond island,etc), Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore, Vietnam, Brunei, Myanmar, Philippines and the notorious Golden Triangle (a term coined by CIA) are all in South East Asia.

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sorry, but why are you getting 4fps?

i wonder if just as many airports will be given the 3D treatment in 21.4?


Please make 32 but support again :(

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