Infinite Flight 21.3



Thanks, I find that not the best solution. Over controlling all the time. I’m going to you tube for some pointers

Only time will tell if like these French Polynesia airports. Currently enroute as TN111.

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Is it normal that I still haven’t received the update?

I’m on iOS

Yes, this is completely normal, it will arrive eventually, just pay attention to your app store.

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Ok, I appreciate it

Can we expect the A330 this week next week or tomorrow or this month?

It will come “shortly after” this update :)

Yeah I know it’s coming “shortly after” but We all wonder when it will come out! I’m addicted to A330 btw, so I’m really excited for the A330!😀

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They said there won‘t a long wait to 21.4. However I don‘t think it will come tomorrow or next week because then they could’ve waited another week or so and release it all together. By the end of the month? Sure. Why not. That definitely seems possible to me. But they have and will not confirm a release date

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It takes time to roll out to every App Store

I actually just got it

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Yeah can’t wait for it!

You guys are AMAZING!! Thanks for everything devs. And I am sooo happy you included 3D buildings at my home airport, Larnaca LCLK. Really great job guys - you never cease to amaze us

IM addicted to A330 and after the A330 gets released, I want EJETS to be reworked next!😀


I’m from NY, (KJFK) I was shocked that Westchester was a 3D airport, that is awesome.

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What about the 737?

Anyway, hope people who might fly at KCPR (Casper/Natrona) will enjoy it as updated

Nice work!!! Looking forward to flying in and out of the all airports with 3D buildings in an F-16. Out of curiosity, is there a timeframe on when the F-16 will have a clear HUD? Thanks.

Great work and I´m so excited about the Basel airport!!! 😃🎉

Yeah haha out of all the airports??? They choose KHPN. Anyone from IFATC should def open up that airport ASAP haha - it’s an epic airport.

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