Infinite Flight 21.2 And Beyond

This is amazing! Infinite Flight never fails to impress. Can’t wait to see what the future has in store as well.


They mean the 3D white tag next to the airports ICAO code. It’s usually found on the maps and the list of inbound planes to that airport


A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one!

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I’m so happy about this keep the 3D airports coming 😅

when will 21.3 be out

No information on 21.3 has been announced yet, and it’s important to remember that Infinite Flight never usually set specific release dates as a lot of things can change during the development and testing process.


Awesome guys! Excited can’t wait to see the 3D coverage elsewhere. Big thanks to the IF team.

I’m just wondering when 27C will be added to Chicago no that it’s been open for a few months

The IFAET need up to date satellite imagery in order to update the airport.

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I like Seoul Incheon International Airport very much, and thank the infinite flight team for their work. I hope that more 3D airports in Korea can be added in the future.


late reply this message was 23hrs ago, I still don’t have the update button only play.

Hi @anon94858731

Are you on android or IOS?
Do you have version 21.1?

When they going to do Dominican Republic a least one airport MDST OR MDSD OR MDPC ???


@BennyBoy_Alpha I’m In android I have the 32 bit but they said they removed it.

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If your device wasn’t compatible with 21.1, it is not compatible with 21.2, or all future updates for that manner.

I can’t get it tho, will it be released soon or is it just released?

I would love MDSD or TJSJ

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The update has been released.

Please check what bit your device is. As they’ve mentioned before, all 32 bit android devices have been removed from compatibility since 21.1, which means that if to your device is a 32 bit device, you will no longer be able to download any update going forward since 21.1

I never knew how RKSI looked like before thanks to IF I know now.
I literally can’t stop controlling there 💀

The details are on point 🔥

Ahh, I got it now, it just updated