Infinite Flight 21.2 And Beyond

Any chance for lighted taxiways so it’s a lot playable at night?

Airport lighting has been talked about many times.

Does this mean new lighting will also be coming?

”Dynamic aircraft and taxiway lighting is something we desperately want to add but are currently limited by our aging graphics technology. We will re-focus on this after the first release of buildings is out the door. This will be another step in Project Metal.”

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Thank you very much.

Can you also re work the b767. I would really appreciate it and I am sure lots more people will as well.

Feel free to drop a vote here! 😉

Please please please vote here

How do I vote for the b767. Sorry I am new here. ;-;

click that blue link, and press vote at the top

It’s says I am out of votes

Remove votes so that you can vote it

Okay. Thanks

Does anyone know if cargo animations with a car actually loading boxes will come with whatever update includes 3D animations?

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We don’t know as of now.

However, you can pay attention to #blog and #announcements, as well as all of IF social platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for information about future updates with the app!

…and beyond…here’s a look at what seems to be TNCM.


Can’t wait to fly there with buildings and spot from the Beach :D

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So the question now is, will the next batch of 3D airport come together with the A330 rework or will it come in an update before the A330 rework?


coming, when it’s ready ;)

But… in the social media, they said that they are close to a 1st flight. Probably It will come in 2 updates, or more, or less. We don’t know ;)

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Those mountains are a giveaway.


TNCM be looking cool!

Wow! That looks awesome!

Thats deffo TNCM👀🔥