Infinite Flight 21.2 And Beyond

Hey mate,

Feel free to vote for the request linked below:

I too would love to see this added, so be sure to vote for the request above if you haven’t already. The more votes a feature request receives increases the chances of developers seeing it and adding the feature.

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I thought my plane was going to crash the flight from New York to singapore was abt 18hrs so at 29,000 ft I noticed my speed was going down so I tried removing the speed but suddenly the plane did a free fall and almost crashed luckily I saved it and we are now climbing at 32,000 ft.

Are you declaring an emergency? Do you need us to roll the fire trucks?

(seriously though, glad your safe)

21.2 is awesome btw… :D

Actually you’re right, we do have fire trucks now… I’m not sure if they’re ready to roll yet however 😊

I flew from Seoul to Tokyo today, so buildings and trucks at both ends (plus beautiful scenery in between)…both airports looking spectacular.

I always like to park near to all the vehicles, they are fascinating to look at, especially from inside the cockpit.


I wish I had 21.2

nah I turned back to jfk

guys question flying from Narita japan to manila im using the Cebu Pacific a321, but can I pretend its the Neo?


If you want to pretend its the neo - go ahead!

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This is a simulator, pretend is on here is imagination! (at least to me)

Go ahead, nothing is stopping you!


since the a321neo is my favorite aircraft wish infinite flight actually adds them

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I find I do quite a lot of pretending when using Infinite Flight 😉


Me: flying a generic aircraft
My eyes: turns on a filter so I can see my desired livery on it


Okay, here are issues that I found on 21.2:

  • Night Vision is now dark, again (an issue that happened on 21.1 Beta First Build)
  • Some textures are not sharp
  • Some landing gears don’t steer
  • Some aircrafts had lost its reflection of clouds or light
  • B777s engine fans were mixed
  • Stars ✨ are visible at daytime

Stars can be visible during the day in real life as well. The engine blades have already been noted, and nothing can be do as of now. For the rest of your bullet points, I haven’t really noticed it

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Let’s not pretend that these issues are non existent. They are and as long as the staff are working on fixing them, there isn’t much we could do

Night Vision is really dark. I agree with you


And to add to the above, runway lights aren’t as visible as before even at full noon unless you’re really close enough which already messes up approach, beacons also becomes dimmer now (to date I only saw it once from afar at NZQN at low angle under sunset lighting).

Also… where are the PAPI lights?

I hope this is just device oriented - gonna change my phone if it is! :D


That was fast! Just came back from Cancun so I need to catch up on things lol.

So I’m guessing the A330 is going to come in 21.3?

We have no clue, and it is better to not speculate about it either.

I suggest keeping an eye on all of IF’s social medias like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. As well as paying attention to #blog and #announcements for information regarding Infinite Flight and all updates for the app.

For any information or anything you are curious on the development of the A330, please refer to this topic.

Official Airbus A330-300 Rework Thread


Nice! Looks good

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