Infinite Flight 21.2 And Beyond

Pleas show tracking lines for texi.we dont know how can we prepare texi to Runways?before takeoff and after landing.

This is great!! Thanks to Infinite Flight team, you guys are the best!

Just wanna ask something that I might’ve probably missed and it’s not an issue or anything, but do 3D airport updates will remain at developer’s disclosure for the time being or is it alright for us to make feature requests for 3D airports (as I’ve seen none yet so far)? Apologies in advance if this query has been answered somewhere, cheers!

Really, really hoping for the exotic and beautiful beach side WADD in IF-Bali (South East Asia, Indonesia) and our always so popular TNCM in the IF-Caribbeans to be made into 3D reality :) Also, rather than making single scattered 3D locations why not also make airport updates in series of threes to real life flight connections, i.e. WIII-WADD-YPPH, for example

Pleas show tracking lines for texi.we dont know how can we prepare texi to Runways?before takeoff and after landing.

I am excited about A330 update, please be quick to make it, I can’t wait!


Hello @Asad_08!

I would like to show you that you can vote for the taxi lights and signs to be added in game. You can continue in these topics below.

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Individual airport requests are not permitted per the #features category rules.


#support What is wrong I did not get the 330 rework wore really walk or a220

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Welcome to the Community!

The A330 rework is not coming in the 21.2 update. It will be coming in the future. For the A220, so far we don’t know any plans if they would add it in game

And then theres me stuck on 20.3. but im looking forward to getting the Tab S7 soon!


Hey! I have a question, since I didnt know which category this question goes in but. Has the developers at IF thought about adding weather to the navigation in the cockpit?


Hey mate,

Feel free to vote for the request linked below:

I too would love to see this added, so be sure to vote for the request above if you haven’t already. The more votes a feature request receives increases the chances of developers seeing it and adding the feature.

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I thought my plane was going to crash the flight from New York to singapore was abt 18hrs so at 29,000 ft I noticed my speed was going down so I tried removing the speed but suddenly the plane did a free fall and almost crashed luckily I saved it and we are now climbing at 32,000 ft.

Are you declaring an emergency? Do you need us to roll the fire trucks?

(seriously though, glad your safe)

21.2 is awesome btw… :D

Actually you’re right, we do have fire trucks now… I’m not sure if they’re ready to roll yet however 😊

I flew from Seoul to Tokyo today, so buildings and trucks at both ends (plus beautiful scenery in between)…both airports looking spectacular.

I always like to park near to all the vehicles, they are fascinating to look at, especially from inside the cockpit.


I wish I had 21.2

nah I turned back to jfk

guys question flying from Narita japan to manila im using the Cebu Pacific a321, but can I pretend its the Neo?


If you want to pretend its the neo - go ahead!

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This is a simulator, pretend is on here is imagination! (at least to me)

Go ahead, nothing is stopping you!