Infinite Flight 21.02

I previously had a different forum account & I asked to for deletion because I was active so much, etc.
the request was granted.

Just created a new one, because of the last app update.
Well now with 21.02 app version, do I have to have a forum account to log into the infinite flight app to keep all of my statistics, accomplishments , etc?


No, you do not have to link an IFC account to keep your stats. However, if you want your IFC username displayed in-flight, you have to link your account

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I was worried because of what this said:


Oh that’s right, if you have multiple devices that you play IF on, you have to link your account to save your stats (forgot about this in my original post)

Because I might be getting a new iPhone this year. I have the iPhone 8 Plus. 😭

How do you connect the account in the app?

As long as you use the same Apple-ID as in the past, you’re fine. The app pulls up all the data based on previous purchases.