Infinite Flight 2021

Well, the fact that he wrote “nope” is quite obvious I think… I mean I also just write “nope” when I am answering generally

I mean there were so many replies before yours that said like A220 or any other new aircraft. I just wrote ‘sorry A220 fans’ because there were a lot of people saying A220 and I’m saying that I disagree, I don’t think it will come out this year,

He saying nope bc he dissagrees that it

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Nope, I don’t think your opinion is right (sorry … fans) I hope you know the question was what the people expect from this year. I don’t see the reason why they would use nope then (the question was what they expect not what they think about the other’s wishes for this year)

Isn’t that the purpose of this thread? To give opinions? Do you even understand what is meant by ‘opinion’?

You even said I can express mine. That’s what I did right? You were the one trying to “correcting me”

I disagreed to your point along with many other people’s opinions, but I didn’t reply to you specifically and say that ‘oh, who asked for your opinion?’ I cba to carry on with this honestly


how can an opinion be wrong


@Maximilian1805 - a bit better attitude here will go a long way.

Not that pleasant to first say “Who asked you?”, followed by the whole “i have the right to give my opinion” and then follow it up with telling someone their opinion being wrong. An opinion can never be wrong. It may not be something you don’t agree with, but opinions are opinions. Not facts :)



Sorry I think I went in a bit too strongly with some of my posts

Right. The A220 only has a bunch of operators currently, but planes like the E Jet, ATR, 747 and even the A380 has even more.

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A330, NEW 767 PLEASE! clouds, mmmmm 747-400 rework


@FlyIf_0011IFPA Welcome, sorry, unfortunately, this isn’t connect place for the update when start info “Anncounment or Blog” vote rework for the patient.

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@amaryahjohnson1996, the point of the topic is to say what you believe is coming this year in 2021 :)

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This was what i expected, not wanting to come. The thread has however, specifically said WHAT you want to expect.


@ItsBlitz @FlyIf_0011IFPA Well, I think, and I could like just more for MD-90 or IL-62M, L-1011, and A350-1000 it was so beautiful.

I kinda want a MD-83 too, so i can fly BWIA.

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ew thats gross

I’d be happy with clouds, been looking forward to those for a very long time.

Edit: I know they are coming but just thought I might share


im personally not exited for 21.1 since i dont fly the a330 very much.

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I hope (among other things) to see my aircraft (and others) shade projected where it should be depending on where the light source is, which will probably happen when project metal will be completed.