Infinite Flight 2021

Since the A350 is still new I hope they can add the engine sounds and to the A320/737 Family

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A prop-per prop?

Assuming Project Metal is completed this year, my fingers are crossed for massive improvements to the night time immersion of the app.

Obviously taxiway and other airfield lights go without saying, but things like simulated city lights/town lights would be appreciated. Even if it’s accomplished using FSX-style tiles on the ground (as opposed to X-Plane’s more accurate version) it would still be a massive improvement over darkness.

Another subtle improvement would be flood lighting within the cockpit. It’s particularly noticeable on the 757 as the aircraft has quite unusual night lighting in the cockpit: the cockpits are very dark at the moment.
I’m not saying this as criticism as such - I’m well aware that the current graphics engine wouldn’t really allow realistic flood lighting.

HDR lighting from the beacon, landing lights and strobes reflecting on the aircraft engines, fuselage and ground would be appreciated too but again I’m aware this might give performance problems.

Anyway, in summary the only thing I’m really hoping for is a vast improvement to the immersion of the simulation at night.


I’m also betting for 757F to be in 21.1 with A330 if it’s not confirmed for next update I might be disappointed

More propeller aircrafts

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Prepare to be disappointed because I don’t think next year would be considered a “later date”. 🔜

I expect also Using the voice for ATC Communications. (more realism)

Me and @Lil_Qaz actually did a VATC series that went on for a couple weeks. It was pretty fun, especially since all the gates were full within hours of the event being posted. Sometimes we even went into overflow gates. It got shut down though because of VATC not being allowed.

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Back on topic though, I’d like to see more updates in GA/Business jets. Like a CCX rework, a a Learjet 45, and maybe a Beechcraft B58. Or another route could be reworking the rest of the military aircraft, like the Spitfire, the P-38, F-14, F-16, F-18, and the F-22. Or the military heavies, like the C-17 or making the KC-10 into its own aircraft like the VC-25.

C130 is one of my favorites, would be a cool jet to rework? Should add a jet like an SR-71…speed. I would pay more for reworking any of the military aircraft. Love instruments in a c130 or c17 omg

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I expect the a330 rework (obviously) and maybe the a220 rework for 21.2, as both planes were hardly equally voted. As well, I guess clouds will come out in 2021.

And, guys, do you think project metal will be released in 2021?

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Yesssss definitely. New easyjet livery needs to come on the a 320! (Its actually 5 years old) when the new Lufthansa livery was out that got updated really quickly. Easyjet is one of Europe’s MAJOR airlines therefore needs some more appreciation

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Well there are many options but the A330 is safe.
Personally, I want a military aircraft rework, the 747, a business jet or a new GA aircraft.

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My hey might also Release jet blast. Who remembers in 20.1 when jet blast was mistakenly put out. I do. And it was so fun to play with. Until they took it out lol. So it might come in 21.1 as it worked pretty well so o hope it comes out in 21.1

I hope we get clouds


I’ll be happy with the rest V Nav for the entire flight. But any additions that are planned for 2021 would make me happy.

I would hope to see some features and additions in 2021;

Clouds. They are fluffy, cotton candy-ish things in the sky. They would bring up realism just a bit.

A Globemaster rework, those things really are the worst to fly.

Maybe a tree. A singular tree. Or a car, a singular car.

Possibly an older plane, like the Comet or DC-8. Would give a few old airlines.

And a Rick Astley statue somewhere in Britain. Would be another thing I would be able to enjoy.

I’m hoping the Astley statue comes first.


Why rework a aircraft that has been reworked

Tbh yeah but I only want new engine sounds on the 737


Well maybe in the future we will see it reworked