Infinite Flight 2021 Year In Review

2021 was an amazing year I.F wise, great job to the devs for all the hard work put into all the updates this year! Cannot wait too experience the 2022 updates and eventually the animated get bridges, amazing work!

This is an end goal for us but it may not be in the first release of animated jet bridges due to other engineering constraints on the multiplayer side


Wow those animated jet bridges look awesome! And I’m so happy to see KATL, the airport I wanted to have 3D buildings the most, will finally be getting 3D buildings!

Fine if I can’t use a c172 can I use a f18?


Another question: when a new 3D airport is released, will it come with animated jet bridges? Like after all the current ones are equipped with them?

I don’t know if that made sense, so ask me if I need to clarify something.

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My Expression when I found out we would have ATL as 3D and Animated Jet Bridges: YESSS

Very amazing year with all of these updates! Can’t wait to see what will happen in 2022!

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Thank you to all Staff, Devs, Mods, IFATC, Airport Editors, Alpha/Beta testers for the hard work and effort that Infinite Flight has been evolve in many years and this year was a amazing journey. Thank you also for Infinite Community for support and love to Infinite Flight. We maybe sometimes to agree to disagree for some discussions, topics or debates but we are always together.

I agree with Jason and we are all excited for a brand new journey in 2022.

Advance Happy New Year and be safe always.


So exciting! Great Year Infinite Flight Developers, Staff, Mods, and Community Members. I look forward to 2022 and what it brings to the infinite flight skies!

Animated Jetbridges 😍😍😍Hopefully you guys add the Biman Bangladesh 787-8 or 777-300ER… Thanks so much for a great year!

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I’ve been an IF user since around 2012. That’s like 9 years. I’ve truly seen this app develop and have seen what is possible over time. The reason I’m mentioning that is because I really don’t think I’ve seen IF in my time develop so much in just one year in terms of content that’s been introduced. Sure, global was huge but that was one update. We’re talking about 8 updates in the span of just a year with content that redefined Infinite Flight as we know it. This is the new norm and wouldn’t be possible a few years back. True example of evolution that has been paved for us. It’s been a pleasure watching IF grow into what it is today and seeing what they can add in just one year. I cannot wait for the goodies in store for next year. Thank you to the devs and staff team for working tirelessly, it really doesn’t go unnoticed. You all rock. Hoping to see you guys in person again in the coming year, Covid willing.


Those aircraft who doesn’t have any 3d interior nor animated doors

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They don’t? I might have seen a few during my layover.

Yes, in cases where the jetbridge can reach it.


here’s to a good 2022!

I almost forgot, Since there will be a animation on Jetbridge, I’m hoping a glass walled Jetbridge will be a part in 2022 development.


Roger that!

I’m certain a UPS one is coming with how much lip we give. 😎

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We’ll continue introducing new facades, jet bridges and other airport objects for our airport editors to incorporate into their respective projects around the world. At the moment we’re focused on more universal components vs one-off custom objects you may only see at 1-2 airports. 🙂


To whom.
When I plan a flight from on airport to another airport.At my arrival airport I get a ( White line from the airport ( Dentation airport) to the landing runway and then my airplane drifts away from the landing runway. It doesn’t matter if I fly in solo mode or on line.

Not gonna lie, a little sad we didn’t get to see a whole video with some funky music like last year (I dropped my phone in the snow and started screaming when I saw the 3d airports), but not gonna lie, the jetbridge animation made me cry a bit. Good job. Good job.