Infinite Flight 2021 Year In Review

Another amazing year for Infinite Flight and another year that the team certainly didn’t disappoint. Can’t wait to see what Infinite Flight have in store for 2022…

I’m sure it will be more things that will leave us speechless and blown away.


Are you guys planning on doing a a350-1000 I love that plane, or the a380 because it is a very unique plane to have that is reworked. Try ur best guys!

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Are there any plans to add animations to stairs as well as airbridges?


Will the bridge movement be seen by other users in multiplayer mode?

I hope so ✅


The A35K won’t be added for the time being. See the post below by @jasonrosewell for more info.

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Hey mate,

In regards to the A350-1000, you can take a look at the reply Jason has provided previously:

For the A380, I would personally love to see it reworked at some point as well. We’ve just got to keep an eye on the official social media channels and the #announcments channel as that is where anything will be announced.



Was that in the article? ;)

We’ve shared the sneak peeks we’re ready to share for now so I’ll direct you back to the article if you’re unsure.


My assumption is yes.

I just have one question, when we use an A380 the jet bridges connect to the plane, will one of them go to the upper door? Thanks for this awesome year guys, I´m really excited on 2022

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No, it wasn’t, which is why I was asking.

Fantastic, can’t wait also for the new liveries. Keeping my 🤞🏼😅

He won’t be releasing the information so stop asking. 🙃

Thank you Infinite Flight team, I’ve been enjoying every updates this year.

The next update I’m exciting for is not the plane rework but like weather category, such clouds, rain and snow… I know this will take years to develope but I hope the team can alreadly start moving towards that dicrection

Happy new year IF team!

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That was already asked by @TheGlobalAviator with no response from staff. The assumption is yes because as @Laura said in the post below the Jet Bridges just know where to go. 🙃


ik ik, thanks mate

You are very welcome.

Totally agree. We’ve come a long way! It’s been nothing but great improvements.

KATL finally!


Scheduled release - 2025