Infinite Flight 2021 Year In Review

Yes, in cases where the jetbridge can reach it.


here’s to a good 2022!

I almost forgot, Since there will be a animation on Jetbridge, I’m hoping a glass walled Jetbridge will be a part in 2022 development.


Roger that!

I’m certain a UPS one is coming with how much lip we give. 😎

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We’ll continue introducing new facades, jet bridges and other airport objects for our airport editors to incorporate into their respective projects around the world. At the moment we’re focused on more universal components vs one-off custom objects you may only see at 1-2 airports. 🙂


To whom.
When I plan a flight from on airport to another airport.At my arrival airport I get a ( White line from the airport ( Dentation airport) to the landing runway and then my airplane drifts away from the landing runway. It doesn’t matter if I fly in solo mode or on line.

Not gonna lie, a little sad we didn’t get to see a whole video with some funky music like last year (I dropped my phone in the snow and started screaming when I saw the 3d airports), but not gonna lie, the jetbridge animation made me cry a bit. Good job. Good job.


I really like the comment you sent to all of the infinite flight people

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I think the most exciting part is the sheer progression in the span of only a year. Just imagine where we’ll be by the time 2023 or 2024 rolls around. Undoubtedly (or hopefully) an expanded team of devs, airport editors, ATC, mods, would give Infinite Flight the grounds to absolutely explode (in a good way) compared to where we are now. I think we’re already gapping the pack of mobile flight sims, but I think it’d be great to further expand that gap.

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What a great way to end the year 👍

You’ve done a fabulous job this year Infinite Flight,
2021 has been tough for some of us and hopefully 2022 will bring us positivity.

For the moment let’s appreciate the Sneak Peaks 👀 and be thankful for the team.

On that note, have a wonderful end of 2021 and of course:

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣2️⃣

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Also excited for a220 sounds ngl

I wonder how can you develop 3D airports in countries with limited to no geographical areas or viewing of maps such as China, India Pakistan and Syria and miltary bases since they are usually restricted or not shown on map for national security reasons

I completely agree with you

I at least know about China that this is also the reason why it only got one 3D airport so recently. If you search long enough you’ll find something I suppose

I cant wait for animated jet bridges


I have been waiting (not an exaggeration) for almost 10 years

Happy New Year Infinite Flight
After 21.1 was released by 32bit device was not compatible with the update. So now im still on 20.3. Can wait to upgrade my device early 2022 sometime and the difference will be massive between version 20.3 and 22.1/2/3 etc…

2021 was truly an amazing year for Infinite Flight and community! I’m very excited for animated jetbridges! Looking forward to 2022!

I’m exited for 3D Atlanta… thank you guys for all the hard work and dedication over the years and thing is getting better as we go. Happy new year everybody