Infinite Flight 2020 Livery

This could be perfect for one of the new 777s!

wow those look good. would rock em on the TBM930

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It sort of is on the TBM, and it looks insane

Boosty boi

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Love this! The dark livery on the TBM looks great, why not on airliners!

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Looks like Vietnam Airlines… 🤔

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The worldwide IF flag

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I think this design is quite too simple…

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Sometimes simple is the best

How about a 2022 livery on the A330? 🤔

I love the design and the concept. Can u also include this livery for B77W @Pinecone i think taht it is very cool?

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It could come to the 77W, yes! Since the livery was not made by me, I cannot put it on a 77W but it would look great

Hey @aviationconcepts i think this livery will be very cool if also created the B77W version of it.

A 2020 Infinite Flight is not planned. In an effort to preserve precious votes this topic is closed. Development of Infinite Flight liveries will be determined internally.

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