Infinite Flight 2018 Year In Review


IF is an amazing app and sim and it shows how powerful the mobile platform can be. I’m a real world private pilot but I have not been able to fly for years because I do not have the financial resources nor can I swing a computer powerful enough for a sim like Xplane. But since I discovered IF earlier this year I am once again able to engage my passion for aviation is a satisfying way and connect with others who share it. I am very grateful to the IF team for making that possible, for everything the community shares and for the possibilities of where this could go in the next year. Thank You!


You did a very good job, I hope you can develop IF better in 2019.


Thanks for sharing, Colin!


11 Million in 2018 at the time of writing the article.


The crashes fix???


Can’t wait for amazing 2019


Let’s hope for an EVEN better year ahead 😉


2019 will be even better despite some bumps we might come up on it will be great cant wait FDS thanks for such an amazing 2018! and hopes for an Better 2019.


Here is to the year that brought IF live into my life and met so many of amazing community aviators and IFC members! Thanks to all of you and to another year of IF aviation ;) -AZA


The updates and new features brought to the app have been great, no doubt about that! But I must say it was the people I have interacted with through this app and the forum who truly makes 2018 a special year for me in terms of aviation.


Thanks for the spectacular work Infinite Flight. It’s been a great experience. Looking toward our 2019 Infinite Flight year with great expectations. It can only get better.


2018 was my begining year of Infinite Flight and this is the best mobile flight simulator i have ever played, i hope 2019 will be a new year for opportunities for new aircraft and new airlines, i LOVE the game and it’s not even finished yet so thank you all for this great year and have a good new year everyone, <3 <3 Tim


“signature Fright Night Flight events”.

That sounds scary! 😂


Can’t wait for all the features to go away :P. Cheers to a good year and hopefully an amazing new year!


Thank You #InfiniteFlight for providing me wings to fly… Flying was always in my dream that I never got chance to fulfill… Now at the age of 29 and set in my life with a decent job… I have now decided to dedicate rest of my life in aviation by acquiring PPL or Commercial license soon… day by day I am spending time performing long and short flights and exploring the infinite limit… Thanks team and looking forward for even more realistic feature soon…


I haven’t been as active in the community and the sim as i was in 2017 However, I’m very impressed on the amount of quality updates this year has brought and I am ready to fly into 2019. This community is very special and is the reason I prefer it over its mobile competitors. Oh wait there’s loads of reasons ; it’s a combination of the following which makes this simulator great:

  • Abiliy to travel the world in hd scenery

  • This huge community who all share a passion without being heavily judged.

  • A strong connection between the developers and players (this is essential to achieve a thriving company).

  • A cooperative sim that makes the sky a lot less lonely. Thank you to the IFACT team who controlled professionally.

  • An all around great experience and career for many people.

Thank you for a great 2018 and cheers for 2019!


Very good!


I want to thank the IF team for all the hours of fun that this great simulator has given me. I still remember the first time I played IF at least for 2013-2014. When there were several maps and a varied number of planes, of course not as extensive as now but enough to have fun and also with the main and classic map of San Francisco.
I also revise when they added The live mode, the first thing I did with great anxiety was to pay the subscription to play with air traffic, I have to say that I loved it. Then the balloon update arrived and they started to bring more airplanes. I currently love playing this simulator and thank the person who taught me this simulator that helped me to enter this great and wonderful community.
I look forward to the new updates.
I want to thank the entire IF team for all the great experiences, I send you a big hug and I wish you happy holidays.
Happy flights


👏🏿👏🏿 year review

This 2018 has come to an end as my first anniversary in the forums. I would like to thank everyone, staff, forum members, and the devs. Everyone deserves a big kudos as everyone made a big part in this wonderful year. Cheers to everyone.

Enjoy your holidays and I wish everyone happy and thriving 2019.



Thank you. It is so good. The game makes me feel happy and relaxed