Infinite Flight 2018 Year In Review


Thanks infinite flight


You know, I very rarely post something along these lines but I think this calls for it.

A great article from Jason, but it doesn’t even come close to explain how amazing this simulator is and how what was once 2 peoples vision is now a fully fledged product with endless bounds, that has brought together a properly diverse group of people from differing backgrounds and turned them into a community if aviation lovers that is more a family than you fully realise until those people come swarming with well wishes and prayers.

Ive been truly touched by the kind hearted guys and girls of the IFC, from the very bottom of my heart I thank each and every one of you who have messaged me either publicly or privately. You are all amazing people. Thanks to you guys for making this community truly wonderful.

P.s. feel free to ignore @JT_Playz… we all know the A200 is much higher on the list haha


What a lovely article, Jason. Thank you! :)


Is there any chance you could remind me how to do this! Many thanks


It has been an absolutely wonderful year for IF and I am so excited to see what 2019 holds in store! 😁


I honestly cannot thank all you guys at IF enough. The joy you have brought to my life and so many others is unreal. Everything about the simulator it top, top notch! Looking forward I hope 2019 and onwards brings more happiness to the players and I’m excited to see the introduction of taxi-way lights and clouds😉


Of course. I’ll send you a PM


To next year! Keep it up!


Thank you guys for providing such an amazing a diverse experience for the whole community


I wouldn’t tag them. It’s still considered a dev account if I am not mistaken.


What’s that supposed to mean???


Because you aren’t supposed to tag devs.


Changed it


Hello Infinite flight it’s me. It’s been a great year on the game and the community I’ve had so much fun in the last week with me purchasing my second global (1st one was after global came out) and the amazing thing is (on training server atm) seeing how many people take off without clearance 😂😂. No but I love this game (heance the name) so much I mean having the ability to fly from Nadi to Christchurch, New York to Chicago opens up a whole new door as this sim is the only one on the app store that does so. Another fact is that I had xplane 10 to test out some cockpit features and they only give you two aircraft with 3 liverys each (can you believe that) weather I know it’s free xplane but when you purchase it you have a lot of planes with liverys that will always be there so thank you information flight for an awesome game and year 😎


What an amazing year! Thanks for all the hard work, Infinite Flight! Can’t wait to see what comes in 2019!


Wow, Infinite Flight has SOURED🛫 to new heights in 2018. Wishing the best to all and really looking forward to how high Infinite flight will go in 2019. Thanks to your outstanding work FDS!




2018 was such an amazing year for Infinite flight! I cannot wait to see what comes in 2019, (hopefully an update to some long haul aircraft as those are the best kind aircraft :P) This year brought so many amazing updates, particularly the animated cockpit on the A-10! That just sealed the year off


2018 was an obviously very important year for the sim, and I am looking forwards to another amazing year!



Well said. There’s nothing more exciting than pressing the “fly” or “control” button and interacting with amazing people in this wonderful app. I’ve been here from the befinnng and oh, how much I miss those space missions xD. But I’m proud to say that this is my #1 game, or maybe even simulator, ever! I’ve never seen such a big and caring community behind a game like this until now. I’m very lucky that I am able to be apart of this. Maybe this could grow into a business or something at this rate! Endless possibilities at this point. Anyways, I need to get back in the air and have fun!


Looking forward to the updates and more details in 2019.