Infinite Flight 2018 Year In Review


I love how far we have come as a community, and how far this app has come. It’s truly amazing!

Did you really have to taunt us with that ‘no spoiler’ thing?


You’ve given me an idea, I might make a map of every journey I’ve done in 2019 and hope to fill it by the end of 2019


Awesome year, awesome app, awesome community!


Thank you for this spot on summary of 2018. All of this is more than just a flight simulator. Can’t wait for what the future will bring.


Ummm…I am confused a bit. 11 million flights in 2018 or in total?


Infinite Flight has been a huge part of my life. I love it. I can’t imagine being without it.


11 million flights in total wouldn’t be all that bad


Yup, it sure has been a hell of year. I’ve had this game since it’s very very early days. However I will admit I didn’t play it very much until April of this year when I finally (Thanks dad) bought the subscription, ever since I continually pushed myself to keep flying to get that Grade three. Which I got pretty quickly. Then with global and now all these other truly breathtaking additions. I’m proud I have this game. Everyone at IF should be proud of the spectacular game you and we have. I even managed to persuade my friend to get the game. It took about 2 days to break him. Then it all quite literally takes off. You can sit here and wish for anything and everything. But when you think about it. With this game, even the little things mean the most. So from me and hopefully I speak for everyone else. A very happy New year to you let’s make 2019. The Max Q point. (When the forces are greater so. When the game is the greatest it’s ever been)


It’s been a year to remember, got a chance to meet the entire IF team and fellow ATC members. Bless to have them part of my family now, looking forward to seeing you all next year. All the updates this year has been awesome, can’t wait to see what the future holds.


Thank you IF LLC for an extrodinary year. Many exciting things happened in 2018 and made it the best Sim out there on Mobile/Tablet devices !!!. Meeting you and the Community was the best part of my year in the rest of life happenings also.

From yours truely, the Hotel review guy


2018 was the best year yet!!! Looking forward to 2019! Thanks for everything you have done!


Thanks for all the hard work on both the sim and the community pages. It’s a great package, the only potential minus thing is the slow demise of my social life as a result, but I consider it to be a plus to be honest.

Looking forward to 2019! A prosperous one to both staff and community members.


So many new things happened to me in 2018 from joining my first ever event to my first ever VA to my favorite update, the 18.6 update.

Can’t wait for what’s to come in 2019


Just reached my IFC anniversary certificate as well.

Thanks so much devs.


think 2018 was amazing.Wait till 2019


I think I see me! Anyway - What. A. Year. Thank You guys for making this flight simulator what it is, a huge, friendly community, and an app that embodies the power of Flight all within a mobile and portable device. Simply amazing, and I can’t wait to see what 2019 has to offer!


Love this so much! IF has truly changed my life! Thank you FDS for an incredible year! Here’s to 2019!


I couldn’t find a better way to say how proud I am of you guys than reaching 4 Million XP Today. Just shows how dedicated I am to the sim and to your work. Here’s to a great year and an even greater next year. Keep pushing limits and breaking them! 👍🏻😉👏🏻


Can’t stress how amazing 2018 was for infinite flight as we as a community grew and are striving! 2018 made all of our jaws drop when we saw the aircraft\feautures added. IF sets the bar higher and higher each time another update comes around and so I can’t wait what to see in 2019 as 2018 didn’t disappoint me once so ever!


This has truly been a great year! With the introduction of trijets, reworks of the CRJ and A-10, small additions/reworks of the Boeing 737’s and A320 family, along with many scenery updates, and advancement to completing the scenery for global, it has made this year special for me and a lot of other people. Thank you guys so much for what you have done! Also, please add the A300 and A310! (just kidding, but add it if you agree! 😉😁😅😘)