Infinite Flight 2018 Recap | Your Predictions For 2019


I think @Luke_Sta may win this one, that sounds spot on with what may happen…


Standing in the air ??? I don’t think so unless the A330 and other aircrafts can hover


What about MAX NEO and A350


I honestly cant wait for the A330 rework. I do hope they add in the A330-200 along with the neos and including the Qantas and Virgin Australia liveries


what GA aircraft?


I really hope they go through all the aircraft and make there cocpits as alive as the A-10s


I hope they add rain and working windwipers in all aircraft as well as opening cocpit windows


Rain and wipers would ve nice even the need for wipers to be able to see. Opening windows isn’t really that needed.


I see the A330/340, 757/767 and 747 being reworked.
I also think South America and Indonesian areas HD scenery will be added.
New aircraft could possibly be the A350 but I’m not entirely sure about that one either.
Military aircraft could see a F14 rework(not too clued up about the jets) but I would like to see the E-jets reworked.

But with 2019 coming up and the year 2018 was who knows what surprises 2019 holds… One can only wait and see…


You just put into words what I’ve been trying to say… 100% with you on this.


During 2019 i definitely want to see a complete a330 rework, a very outdated with not enough liveries.

A boeing 757,767 and 777 rework would also be quite nice .

I would also like to see some sort of planning for the a350 series being added if not actually being added in 2019!


Certainly think 18.6 is the most popular simply because it is the latest one. April 29 was awesome for scenery, 18.2 with the CRJ-700 was amazing, and 18.4 was a huge update for realism. But next year, the ground game REALLY needs to be reworked, or just eliminate night mode. Because there is nothing worse than landing at a major airport on a new moon and having to switch to noon to see the taxiways. Taxiway lighting has been a frequent feature request, and honestly it is taking way too long to add this, especially since runway lighting is already in the game. Even if the taxiways cannot be fully illuminated, anything would be helpful.


I’d love for this to happen, however, I wish it could be a complete rework of the 777.
Hopefully we get the A330! We shall see… :)


Being 100% realistic and looking at how many updates they’ve released this year and the amount of experience they’ve gained, I would say maybe a couple reworks for VERY old Aircraft, wing flex on a few more Aircraft and most likely new liveries


I honestly see the A350 coming. Using live flight people have seen flights to long for even a BBJ 737 in unknown aircraft. Maybe another GA. Rework wise, maybe we will see an embraer E jet rework as they are quite old.


50.2 Hyperspace jumps in infinite flight


I would love to see the A220


I’d LOVE to see the A220!


Keep in mind for predictions that for each update they usually do one big thing and another small thing!


19.1 Scenery rework and some bug fixing with some liveries added for 737

19.2 A330/A340 fully reworked with new liveries and updated cockpit and graphics

19.3 Embraer fully reworked with updated graphics and a mini rework for the Boeing 777

19.4 A huge rework on lighting in the game and better sounds in the game. Also with some bug fixes and updated airports

19.5 Major rework on 757 and 767 with new liveries added and better scener in South American countries

19.6 Citation rework with new liveries and a mini rework for the Boeing 747

This is my most accurate assumption for this years update. Not just adding what I want but also thinking about the direction the devs might take