Infinite Flight 2018 Recap | Your Predictions For 2019


LOL. yeah, I see the 9. : )

On Laura’s post it is actually Hurricane Florance. She says the it is an experimental research view that shows cloud coverage at her current altitude. If you look close you can see the northen wall of the hurricane.


The F-18 needs a fuel rework


Very nice summary and what a spectacular lineup of updates.

If if keeps going like this:
19.4 the new F35
20.9 first moon landing 😁


40.8 Schyllbergs death star


I hope for:

  • A330 rework
  • Live Replay

I dream for:

  • Speedbird One - Concorde


I’m hoping for a rework of the A330, as well as adding more liveries especially some Spanish Airlines like Vueling (A319 and A321), Iberia and Air Europa. As well as maybe adding the A220 or the A350 and an offline mode for single player which would be very cool.


I believe there will be reworks of A330 and 777 in the coming year. They definitely need a rework.


I really hope for taxiway lights, but I’m sure the Devs are bringing awesome new things to the sim like they did this year. :)

A new A330/A340 with working cockpit instruments wouldn’t be too bad tbh :D


I’m predicting the A330/A340 rework will be the first rework of 2019, followed by something else (I just really want the A330 lol). And then by the end of 2019, if they are able, they will add the A350.


Super decathlon rework
Instruments added to eligible 2018 aircraft
Africa HD scenery update
Live rewind/replay


Weather (clouds)
Boeing 737 rework (working gauges, cockpit rework)
777 soft rework (maybe working gauges)
737 MAX 8, 9, and 10
A320 neo


I predict they will add the A330 neo, add the A350 and rework all the older aircraft A380 etc.


Also 737 MAX, A320 neo, clouds, taxi lights and more liveries like Czech airlines


Live replay won’t work well as if you replay then u could crash


Standing at the gate?


More reworks, live instruments for more aircraft, live replay, maybe weather


My Predictions for 2019 are:

19.1 would be adding some GA aircraft
19.2 would be rework A330 / A340 (with adding some liveries)
19.3 would be adding some Military Aircraft (and maybe South American Scenery)
19.4 would be Adding A350 or Rework B777 (with adding some liveries)
19.5 would be rework some GA aircraft
19.6 would be rework some Military aircraft
19.7 would be rework B757 / B767 (with adding some liveries)
19.8 would be rework B747 / B747F (with adding some liveries)


What I think will happen:

  • Live Replay mode
  • HD scenery for South America
  • Clouds
  • Some more liveries added to the 737 and A320
  • Airbus A330 rework
  • Soft rework for the 777
  • An overall great year!


Your predict shall be right and accurate


More fighters, and some more fighters, then maby an A330? 🤞🏻