Infinite Flight 2018 Recap | Your Predictions For 2019

I hope they will add and improve all the family of B777 and if possible with the B777-EX in the coming months.

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I’d like live cockpits on every plane and also

Airbus A350
Boeing 737MAX family/series
C5 Galaxy
Antonov 225
Antonov 124


I agree with Kiz 100%

-A330 rework that’s gonna blow our doors off (working instruments, truck tilt, wing flex, proper engine variants per aircraft)

-Touch ups on other aircraft that are newer but don’t have the current features of the A10 and others

-Taxiway markings and instructions (eg: JetBlue 721 taxi via Alfa, Bravo 3, Bravo hold short rwy 10L)

-South American scenery/updated Nav databases outside the US.

-Perhaps a new “super” expert server where ATC has additional abilities like “DIRECT TO” along with “CLIMB/DESCEND VIA” and greater ability to read flight plans.

Closer to the end of the year or even further out:
-Weather/icing, more aircraft systems and/or some 3D scenery

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Or like this:

February 4th - 19.1: Scenery Update for South America, Annoncements for Singapore Area Scenery, Hints for Truck Tilt and Tire Smoke

May 27th - 19.2: More 777 Liveries (Possible Rework) and Bug Fixes

August 11th - 19.3: A330/A340 Rework with Truck Tilt and Tire Smoke

October 28th - 19.4: Embraer Rework With E140 and E145

December 2nd - 19.5: A350 Leaks / More Airport Updates with new Texture

December 30th - 19.6: New Grade Requirements / 777 Soft Work

Or Even Further

February 1st (2020) - 20.1: Indonesian Sattelite Imagery / Northern Canada Imagery w/ Accurate topography Of Alaska


If you think about it, it really isn’t we had six updates this year it’s pretty similar it just looks like a lot

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Definitely it has to be Working Cockpit Instruments on all planes…

Also looking forward to A350 Family :)

Go ahead and vote for these feature requests…

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@Alpster I was just messing about with another mobile sim that has working instruments and a whole bunch of goodies that I hope the devs can draw on… What’s missing in IF is in this other sim-but the other one is missing all the community/live features etc.

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Absolutely, Infinite Flight isn’t really exciting without live servers. IF just lacks working cockpits that’s all :) Others on the other hand are very detailed, yes. But they lack a huge community like IFC!

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I only tried it to mess around but WOW if we can get a few of those things! Sent you a PM

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18.6 is, in my opinion, monumental in the development and growth of this game. A working panel in the A-10 is the largest step towards realism this sim has taken, along with the global map. Not only is it a feat in mobile development, but it also puts a mobile sim on par with computer simulators. In 2019, I look forward to this technology being displayed on more aircraft, and seeing what other tricks FDS have up their sleeve.

Highly doubt anymore work on the 737 will come out science the update 18.6

My favorite update was certainly the CRJ, as far what 2019 might bring… I really wish for the A330 and hopefully a soft rework for the 777 or the 747.

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Man it’s been a wild year in a good way! I am so happy we have such a great team that works hours at a time to give us the best experience. Anyways in the next year I predict there will be some type of ERJ update\rework. Other than that I really don’t know what to predict as they surprise us all the time.

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I’m definitely predicting for taxiway lights by the end of the year, and perhaps some weather based updates, but more of “progress” updates opposed to completion such as rain, snow, etc. These devs work so hard and I hope they’re feeling well about all the work they’ve done because it’s been fantastic.

My only hope is for multi shared cockpit with VOIP.😀


In no particular order my most important updates in 2019 would be:

A350, taxiway and city lights, higher quality aircraft lights, clouds.

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Ok, here we go. I’m going to be really specific with this one.

19.1: 757 rework with a live cockpit (possibly live replay)
( Similar to the A-10, a cockpit with multiple dials and gauges.)

19.2: 767 rework w/ live cockpit, *including 777 soft rework
( If IF can tackle the 757 cockpit, 767 should follow right behind as the cockpits are literally the same.)

19.3: Cessna Citation X rework w/ live cockpit (including Super-D rework)
( This could be a real test for IF, the CCX cockpit would be the first to feature 4 large display screens.)

19.4: A330-300 rework, with all of the fancy new stuff (including 747 soft rework)

19.5: New A330-200 along with the reworked -200F

19.6: Airbus A340-600 rework (including some sort of ground lighting rework)
(Very similar the the 330)

Final thoughts:
This is quite the hike for the IF team but I feel as if they improve on each new aspect we can expect quicker development on some of the most wanted features. Only the devs know what is on the way and I hope too see some of these additions in the near future!


I know I’ve given a little bit of thought into this topic, but here’s what I would like to see in 2019:

  • B757 Ground-Up Rework including the live cockpit and addition of the B757-300
  • A330 Ground-Up Rework including the live cockpit, truck tilt, and addition of the A330-200
  • Taxiway Lights
  • @Ethan_Chloe123’s Drag and Taxi Feature
  • Scenery for the rest of the world (where we’re able to, including SA and areas like Singapore). Edit: That’s been confirmed! Yay!
  • If we could get even a soft rework of the B747, that could be nice but I’d really like a full rework.
  • At least a soft rework of the B777 could be really nice, even though I would prefer a full rework.

I know this seems like a lot, but seeing what the Infinite Flight team is capable of, I’m sure they can accomplish it. If they can’t get to all of that, that’s obviously fine. Whatever does happen will be great!

I’m looking forward to a great year of Infinite Flight! This year has been amazing, and the IF Team has accomplished amazing things. I can’t wait for what 2019 has to hold!


Looking back at 2018 - it was a great year to grow with IF as well as see DLVA flourish. We as a VA launched the best VA website around with the help of great designers.

My favorite features released were the CRJ series, such a great aircraft, and great for all of the VA’s that operate it

A few things I’d like to see in 2019

  • South American scenery - it’s a region that will be so awesome when updated. It’s what the sim is really missing (@Transport_Hub May have a different opinion)
  • improved taxi system. Right now as IFATC it’s very limiting in getting someone to taxi. Would be great to have better taxi maps and improved ground control
  • a350 - pretty simple. It’s the community request and if there’s one active aircraft now in IF, this is the one wanted.
  • b738 max series - just a personal request, would be cool
  • return of terrain - would make controlling approach so much better again. Idk how the great controllers do it, as much as I’ve been familiar with plates, would make it easier

I really only wish for the A330. We had a great year, I hope we can make next year better!

This is a better recap that YouTube recap 2018

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