Infinite Flight 2018 Recap | Your Predictions For 2019

Here’s what I think will happen that hasn’t been confirmed yet:

  • Cessna 172/208 will be reworked
  • E-Jet rework (E170/E175/E190/E195) with the introduction of the E140/E145
  • Taxiway lights
  • City lights (possibly)
  • Boeing 757/767 rework OR A350

I’ll be incredibly happy with any Airbus that can do a long haul flight. Although a nice corporate jet would be real nice as well.


Most likely an F/A-18 rework or the F-35? or helicopters

These aged well


Same they need to do it in the next update

Only aircraft I’ve really wanted is the a350 and the a330! But other than that its not aircraft!.

I want things which will make the experience more realistic and make it feel like a true flight simulator!

  1. Weather needs improving as the only thing we can only experience is low visibility (fog) and turbulence (wind). I want to see in the future clouds, rain, lighting and all that fun! Clouds alone would make such a big deal. Just picture taking off and minutes later you in a big puffy white cloud. O MY GOD can’t wait for that moment

  2. More controls for the pilot!. Well as for now us pilots are very limited to what we can do. We can only control lights, engine start/off and seatbelt sign and no smoking. I would love to have the ability to have more control of the aircraft… More of a realistic engine start. More fuel controls and etc.

  3. Lighting. I bet around 60-80% infinite flight pilots only do there flights and especially there landings at day! this is because the lighting is lacking a little and I know because of performance issues it’s very hard to add. But being able to land and taxi and have the landing lights of the aircraft actually reflecting from the ground will be amazing !

My wishes for 2019


New engine sounds (inside, real cockpit and outside)
Maybe clouds

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…has not yet been confirmed.


I know I know. But I wish it actually was confirmed @SimpleWaffles

3rd aircraft ?? Hopefully a jet something foreign maybe a typhoon Mirage a mig or j21 if that’s even allowed to make lol in a game

They’ve mildly hinted at a 757 rework, which would be amazing.


They did if so can get das link?



  1. XCub
  2. TBM live cockpit
  3. A350
  4. 777 rework (maybe)
  5. C-17, F-18 and Spitfire rework
  6. More liveries for the 737 (all variants) and the A320 Family (all variants)

The a350 isn’t confirmed yet for this year, as delays could push it into early 2020. But it is very likely that it will be out by the end of this year. Given that, the 777 rework would be very unlikely to be released this year, as the dev team would be too involved in working on rolling out the a350 to be released by the end of the year. But things can change and both the rework and the a350 could be released this year, but we’ll just have to wait and see.


Love to see the reworked Spitfire with working instruments and more liveries

A lot of the things people listed here are coming to life, like the A350 and 777 Rework

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Looks like I have done this yet 😂. Well I wished for:
Clouds: coming soon
A350: Coming soon
777 revamp or rework: coming soon
More live cockpits: yep that’s a for sure
And taxi lights

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Love to see more missing major airline liveries for the A320 (all variants) on the 19.4 update.