Infinite Flight 2018 Recap | Your Predictions For 2019


Has it been a year already? It certainly flew by with all of the newest improvements to the sim. Here’s a recap:

March 13 Infinite Flight Version 18.1 is released, including new liveries for the A321, B738, and B748, new ATC interface, configurable ATC voices, ATIS, and many more great interface features.
April 29 New scenery update, 100% coverage for Africa, nearly complete Russian coverage, Madagascar, Indian Ocean, and Pacific Ocean islands all covered. Also, a small teaser for the A-10.
May 18 Infinite Flight Version 18.2 is released, which came with the long awaited CRJ-700 and Grade window improvements.
June 15 New A320 Liveries available
June 29 Infinite Flight Version 18.3 is released. This included the CRJ-900, wing flex for the A318-A321, new liveries, LOD improvements, and airport improvements
August 9 Infinite Flight 18.4 becomes available, showcasing the CRJ-200 and -1000, Multiple ATC frequencies (Expert), new systems page, pushback with runway requests, and performance optimizations.
Spetember 26 Infinite Flight Version 18.5 introduces the newest addition to the IF Fleet, the TBM-930! Along with this stunning new aircraft, ambient noises were added, ATC improvements, NOTAM UI, and updated callsigns.
December 7 Infinite Flight Version 18.6 was the final update of 2018. This included a completely reworked A-10 with working cockpit gauges, a soft-reworked B737,8,9, and BBJ, along with many new liveries, new loading screen, and app icon

Which Update Was Your Favorite?

  • 18.1
  • 18.2
  • 18.3
  • 18.4
  • 18.5
  • 18.6
  • New Scenery
  • New A320 Liveries

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What are your predictions for 2019?

Reply in the comments what you predict is coming to Infinite Flight in 2019. This is not a place to request features, utilize the #features category for your requests.

2019 updates .

Certainly looking forward to more aircraft with working instruments!


For 2019, I see IF maybe reworking the 747 as it is a classical aircraft and it needs the necessary upgrades. Maybe a soft rework since it isn’t that old


You know, MAYBE the A330 🕓


A350 comes out…maybe


I think the A340 and A330 will definitely be reworked. Hopefully with Qantas and Virgin Australia liveries!


They confirmed it was the last for the year…


Fixed 👍🏻


Hoping for a reworked A330 and 757, and maybe the a350.


I think long awaited A330 rework will come along this year, considering the Devs must be getting to the point where they can’t ignore a topic with upwards of 1100 votes.
Furthermore, they will probably soldier on with the ‘soft’ reworks, likely touching on the 777s and possibly the 747s (two of the more popular aircraft)

Obviously these are normative statements, not facts, but hey - there’s substantial reason to suggest both of the above.


My guesses are A330 rework, 757 rework, and A350.


I m gonna guess some more reworks , new aircrafts, and taxi lights I hope especially as they are much needed.


Thats what we all wish.

  • Aircraft reworks with functioning instruments (excited for the F-18 Mark mentions in the refueling tutorial)

  • Update to lighting effects (aircraft & airport)

  • The one I would really hope for are cloud effects and precipitation. Laura seems to have hinted at it, but wouldn’t be implemented anytime soon and I think on a Flightcast FDS talked about wanting to find a way to do it right. Still there been some interesting little pieces of information that have been referenced.



3D Building or maybe thats 2020.
I would love to see better scenery especially around airports but thats 2020 onwards im thinking.

This year the intro of working instruments some reworks possibly A350, maybe Taxi Lights? And hopefully a twin turboprop. King Air?

Lets go FDS.

EDIT: Completely forgot, A400M, C-17 rework, E-3D, A330MRTT in the A330 rework plus typhoon and maybe tornado. More military aircraft from europe.

Oh and i’ll always hope for a Harrier. It will never come but i will dream on. ALL HAIL THE HARRIER.


hopefully it will continue in reworking the fighter family in infinite flight and make them more enjoyable to play as.


I am predicting the 737 and F/A-18 rework, possibly and A330 rework as well. I think an aircraft like the Beluga could be added.
Also here are some possible liveries for the F/A-18.
-idk lol


I’m hoping the A330 rework comes out and a big fix on the lighting and sounds in the game. Also a mini rework for the 777 or 747 would be nice


You guys know there are other things that can be added other than planes right?


2019: A330 rework, A340 rework possibly the A350, A380 rework, 757-767 rework

That’s all my marbles