Infinite Flight 2018 livery on the 737-700 BBJ

Hey everyone! With the recent additions of the IF livery on the CRJ’s, 787, and the A318, I was thinking about the 737 BBJ and how I don’t see it having much liveries or use in the game. But what are your thoughts on this idea? (Also I don’t have a picture so if someone could make on or if none is fine then well, that’s also fine.) Every vote counts and I really want this in the game.

I also searched for a similar thread on this, but to no avail so please don’t say this is a duplicate unless you have reasonable proof. :)

I fit had splits it would be even better. I’ll hit it with a vote!


Yeah with the splits or not it’s up to the people who would make it. But will admit, the splits would look nice.


You got my vote! we need redesigns of almost all the planes

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You have my vote although I have no more votes

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Like the idea, especially with splits! Unfortunately no votes.

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Umm… ok but does that mean you will vote since I have your vote, or 🤷‍♂️.

@JT_Playz yes in other words

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Ok will great mate!👍 Thanks for the vote!

So do you guys think we could get this added before the update passes iOS? I think so! 😁😉👍

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