Infinite Flight 20.3

Try the 3rd step.

It is incredible, amazing update IF staff! Can’t wait to see how the A330 will be! 🤩

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Got the update, flown and just landed for the first time Dubai to Doha, but while on taxiway in Dubai before take off a couple of planes almost crashed into me. Apparently they couldn’t see me until the very last minute?! A glitch?
From the first impressions, it is much much better plane to fly and I applaud to the devs and everyone connected to with this reworked 757.
I note a few comments that it’s overpowered,and I agree. So be careful how you use the thrust😂😂😂

when is the 757F coming?
i want to fly the DHL livery again

I meant clearing the cache on your device. Go to settings-storage-free up storage-clear cache.

It’s currently not something we have planned. Sorry!


It works now, I need VPN to enter it now…which is sad

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Why do you need a VPN?

I’m living in Shanghai

Oh ok. Glad to know that your issue has been resolved. Enjoy! :)

R.I.P Aeroméxico 757 😔

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Just got the update, it’s amazing!

Thank you devs for making this update possible, it looks awesome so far!

Much thanks for s great update. It is simply breathtaking to witness a product of this scale on a mobile device or tablet.

Thank you!

Awesome work! Glad to see the 757 coming out to our devices.

So, am I reading it correctly that some Project Metal-related code on the backend was again included with this update? Or is that related to other great improvements? Regardless always nice to hear about optimizations :)

Read this post if you’re enjoying the update:


Pog champ this looks fun

Loving the Air Baltic livery and the amazing aircraft the team has done a great job on!


Three cheers for developers.

Great job devs to get that so quickly. The B757 looks great!
I must say that when looking for this plane on FR24, it is US only…, so, i planned a TAMPA ATLANTA flight for tomorrow.

I hope not to crash, being not experienced with boeings!!!

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Can I just say that the 757 is absolutely amazing! Flies like a gem and could be my favorite plane to fly now. I think this is the best update of 2020, but all updates were amazing too. Thanks so much for the hard work this year developers, can’t wait to see what the future brings! :D

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