Infinite Flight 20.3 Opinion

Update 20.3 is now available

My sincere congratulations to the Infinite Flight Team for doing such an amazing job with this update. This flight simulator gets better and better as time goes by…

From my heart, I wish IFC users and the IF team a Merry Christmas! 🎄

Make sure to enjoy the 757 this holiday season .️🔥


I think that for next updates, developers should be open to receive opinions from people that have beta version about liveries

In 20.3 beta, we weren’t able to say anything about liveries and that ended in Uzbekistan 757 having a livery mistake.

Engines should be blue, but as we couldn’t tell them, they didn’t realise that and now that livery is not well done


Still need the new United and The Icelandair specialty paint jobs


I posted about this twice and people told me that this was a known issue and that there was “no need to post about it.” Well I guess it wasn’t known after all. I hope IF let’s us report livery mistakes in open betas in the future because it’s hard to tell if livery issues are really going to be addressed or not.


I too wanted old liveries and some other new liveries, but as I was told each livery costs money, and they had to remake current liveries. Unfortunately we will not seeing anything new :(


It was, I can personally vouch for this :)

Livery fixes can always be pushed after the initial update and are not show-stoppers (which is what, primarily, Open Beta is for). I’m sure that the engine colour will get fixed on this aircraft eventually. For now, you can image it’s a new engine which hasn’t been painted yet or explore the other liveries there are on the B757.


Ok. So I am more than happy with the update! I understand all the people who are disappointed, that a livery has a mistake or their favorite livery isn’t in the game, however I think you should also express gratefulness. Overall the devs brought us the best rework yet in my opinion, the sounds are very nice, the physics are too, and the animations as well. The liveries are also very diverse, so nobody can complain here. Take EC Air for example: Never Heard of the airline before, but the livery got ma favorite on the first glance still. Or Sunday Airlines. I never saw a livery request for that beauty, but it was one of the few airlines that still operated B752 in Europe.
After all, thank you developers and don’t get pulled down by the criticism! You have one more supporter here!


I love the update. After flying the big pc sims , I can tell you that for what we pay for infinite and something mobile in the hands is a great deal. Upkeep on PCs hardware etc is very costly and time consuming. I have been with infinite since the beginning. Watched it mature and bloom like a flower. Still much more to come in the future. And with all the real world mapping and route networks I can say hands down this is the real deal for a mobile simulator. My two cents . Great update!


I believe this is the best rework we’ve had yet. From engine sounds, liveries, and even the selfie stick port that opens in the cockpit. My one and only criticism is that the Uzbekistan livery error should’ve been caught earlier while it was being worked on, but it’s minor at best.


It was caught during the open beta with some other livery issues. However, this was not something which is showstopping enough to delay the update again. Let’s be honest, there would be far more people disappointed if the update got delayed when compared to a minor issue in a livery.

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I know, but I just mean during when the livery itself was being built. I’m sure it’s a bit harder to catch in production but still.


Yeah that was sad that they didn’t notice it then but we can’t blame them. They worked so much that it might have slipped off. Anyhow, they may fix those issues in a future update. Cheers! :)

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You need to see Aer Lingus on the 757!

Anyways the update is great! And with only less than 2 months to get it out I think they did a great job!


It’s a slight issue with colouring, it’ll be fixed in the future I’d say.
Better a slightly imperfect livery than no livery at all 🤷‍♂️


Good point!


They have actually listened to us. China Southern had issues with having winglets, and the United livery was off, as it didn’t have the correct engines and the wrong winglets.


Thats something related to aircraft specifications… with 20.1 they posted a pic of a delta 777-200ER with the wrong engine types, I asked them if they were aware of that and they replied they did, saying that was just for making some tests and that it was not going to be the final look of the plane, so we can assume they often do that and that they were aware that China Southern 757 didn’t have winglets

What they were not aware is that Uzbekistan 757 has blue engines

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For the 1,349,358th time, they are aware.

Changing the color of the engines is not as easy as you would draw and fill on Microsoft Paint 1998. If you think you can do a better job than the developers, please do show us. Because the whining and complaining is getting repetitive, and I don’t know what else to say.


Can you please show me where did I say I think I can do a better job? Btw, I never complained, I just said that the livery had a mistake 👍🏼


Like TB said they are aware of it!

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