Infinite Flight 20.3 fan-trailer

Found the 3rd one.

Rusk County (Deercrusher’s Place).

Great video @Alexander_Nikitin

this is straight fireeeeee

I did finally find these. Took me far too long to scrub through with an eagle eye… 😂


What a perfect vid

Just a bit 🤏🏻

Absolutely fantastic! Not sure how these keep getting better and better each time, but I’m glad I get the chance to see them. Great work!

Sometimes it’s the features IF brings, like it was in 20.2 when the drone cam was released and completely changed IF cinematography, sometimes it’s something I do, like here I added a touch of masking (cockpit shots with light animation) and added non-musical moments. For 21.1, I have a few ideas on how to make it even better, although I’m not sure whether I’ll have enough time to do so because of the exams later in the year. And when the new lighting engine is released, I hope it will open up more shots that would have looked dull with the current one, especially, or at least I hope so, at night

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Really nice job on this Alexander! Can’t wait for more trailers to come!

90 reply lol still amazing 🤩

I kept seeing pictures of this on Discord and the IFC I think as it was being made, it’s definitely better than I was expecting, great video mate and adam sandal approves hehe

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Best thing that happened to me today 😍


This is a nice video but next time pic a less crazy song (The music was giving me a headache).

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Its still great!