Infinite Flight 20.3 Fan Made Trailer!

Hey IFC! ❤

Today I Present my first Infinite Flight Fan Made Trailer! 🔥
It Features the New Reworked B757-200! Hopefully you guys will like it! 😃



I would love to know your guy’s opinion on the Trailer! :)

Opinion? Aight.

  • Music choice absolutely kills the hype you want to receive from a trailer. Also, makes it too long. In my opinion, trailers shouldn’t exceed 2:30. My first one was about 3:14 and I realized that and my upcoming trailer is cut down to 1:40.

  • Frame rate is painful.

You have great skill but the music you picked and the frame rate degrades this. It’s good, but there’s always room for improvement, ya know. Even for Mr. Nikitin and everyone else.

But I do like it nonetheless. I see the effort and I appreciate it.


I really like this. It had some good background music that went well this entire video. It gave me a feeling as if the plane was released from Boeing to the world. Well Done and keep it up!

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I love the music
Great camera angles!

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Awesome video! I love the angles and transitions you have as well as how you take us through a flight. The one thing I’d say is that most of the shots are quite long. You could probably cut off more than a minute and create more energy with shorter shots (especially at the beginning). Great work!

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My biggest problem is finding the right music… I always search for hours but unless you are willing to pay 50 bucks for one license on PremiumBeat, it’s hard to find music for videos that isn’t the same as all the other ones.

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Fair point but it’s not hard to find a gem for free, for my upcoming video I’m using [redacted].

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At least tell me what you type into the search bar when you are looking for music please! Because if I search Trailer Music for example, it’s always that generic epic music. The real challenge is to find music by little artists like Apple does. And I have no clue how to find those tracks

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Start with magnusthemagnus, Whethan to start out and branch into those recommendations to find even more of those small artists.

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Thank you everyone for the nice comments! ❤
Regarding the music, Some People think it really fits the trailer, some people don’t. It’s just different opinions :)

Thank me later:
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Thanks! I find it hard to find the right song in there though… There are the ones you used in ur trailers, but besides that, I barely find music that fits a trailer