Infinite Flight 20.3 App Update Issue

Hello Infinite Flight Community! Before Version 20.3 was released. I was playing the open beta version through TestFlight. Just now, I went into the TestFlight app to stop testing so I could update the Infinite Flight app. Once I stopped testing, I went to the App Store to update Infinite Flight. I then noticed that it wants me to purchase Infinite Flight for $0.99 even though I’ve already had the Infinite Flight app for 2+ years in this device. Is there a reason for why I have to purchase the app again?!

(Incase this has to do with a pro sub, I’ve been subscribed for over a year now)

Please comment below if you have noticed this problem too.

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Confirm you’re still using the same account to download it?

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The App Store can sometimes show this if it’s been purchased with Family Sharing. It’ll usually tell you this if you press the buy button (and warn you before entering your password to pay).

If not, go to your Profile on the App Store, and try and find the app in “Purchased” (will work if you’re logged into the same Apple ID)

If none of that is working, you’ll need to reach out to Apple I’m afraid. We have no control over store purchases but they should be able to help.


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Well recently, after getting a new iPhone, I switched my Apply ID. Does that have anything to do with this issue?

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Thank you!! I’ll give it a try!

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I just went to my purchased apps and I was able to update it without purchasing it again. Thank you so much!!😃

Awesome! Glad to hear :) enjoy the update!