Infinite Flight 20.2 fan-trailer

Seriously, your so good at these trailers


Trying my best for it to stay that way. Also, on a totally different note, does anyone think the A-10 is super cool?


Haha A10 go brrrrrt

Yes, very cool. Awesome vids.

only one word is needed, WOW! So nicely fone! Just incredible, congratulations!



The A-10 is basically a flying tank, so yes, it is cool 😎

Incredible trailer. That was 100% better than the 20.1 one. IF should really hire you lol!

Again, kudos to Laura (from what I’ve seen on instagram she is the one responsible for cameras) for the drone camera, without it this wouldn’t have been possible. I wasn’t joking when I was saying I don’t care about 777 because of it :)

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Yeah i personally can’t be bothered to get the open beta so I’m just going to wait for 20.2 to come out. I really need those drone cams tho!!!

It’s really fun when the plane is not level, and because camera’s horizon is locked to the plane, the bigger the angle - the more interesting the shots can be. I had the opportunity to play around with it in fighter replays thanks to Davide_DC (won’t tag) while making the drone cam trailer, and ooooh boy I couldn’t belive what I was able to achieve

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I have never seen the 20,2 fan-trailer before.

@Alexander_Nikitin Id love to help you in your 20.3 or 21.1 fan trailer. And what has the 2nd and 1st most liked #screenshots-and-videos category

Me too, I would 100% love to fly the formations, send clips, and everything

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@Alexander_Nikitin you did it! Your tralier made it to the top of the list for #screenshots-and-videos topics!



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Alexander is an editing legend!

Well that’s a nice thing to wake up to. Thanks to everyone for the support, can’t wait to do the next one!

That is a very nice video, thanks to everyone who made this

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You’re seriously talented. Looks amazing. Can’t wait for the next one!

no disrespect to Jason, his was amazing! But the fan trailer of course beats anything anyone can make with all the unique transitions

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