Infinite Flight 20.2 fan-trailer

Cool trailer i like it!

I use Final Cut Pro and some transition packs. Oh, and i also used an some Ai to get the acapella of the song to make a smooth transition required to shorten it

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I’m late, but easily one of the best video I’ve ever seen :) Great job @Alexander_Nikitin

The transitions are so smooth. Great job!

Well it doesn’t show it, but this is at the moment the fifth most liked #screenshots-and-videos topic ever and is close to passing the 20.1 fan-trailer, and this one reached this even without a tweet from IF or a wowie from Laura. Thanks again to everyone who helped make it


Awesome work my man! Knowing how much work you put into this, it’s awesome seeing the final result! Amazing job

Absolutely smashed it out of the park here! Transitions absolutely bang on the money, choreography beautifully executed! Awesome Work, Keep em Coming!

Must have been @ECoops123 having a bad day 😎

However, the most beautiful video of 20.2 @Alexander_Nikitin! I’m surprised IF hasn’t hired you to make their videos!

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Definitely deserving of it!


I did what now? I contributed with Kuwait Airways, Korean Air Cargo, Cathay Pacific and Delta’s 77L.

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That’s because if they were to hire me, they would be surprised as to why the music licensing for the trailer costs like a rework.

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@Alexander_Nikitin congratulations you now have the 4th and 5th most liked #screenshots-and-videos category. You might be higher.

This has 147 likes. The 20.1 has 140

5 more and it will be the third :)

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If you would be allowed make official trailers for them, they would give you access to their Premiumbeat account for sure, since they used music from there for all their trailers

Yes, that’s the problem, this song is not from premiumbeat, it’s from an apple commercial

I know, but I assumed if they would hire you, that they would order a new one and then you could use it

This is the best one so far! I really love your editing style!

Wait, that isn’t made by the official team? Wow, fantabulous work!

Thanks to all the devs (I assume it’s Laura) for the drone camera, this is a real game-changer and I don’t think half of the shots there would have been possible. Now I just need to figure out how would I make something even better next time.

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Perfect! I love it!