Infinite Flight 20.2 fan-trailer

I need to know the song it’s fire

It was used in an apple ad, only way I remember it:

DARKMINDS - Ready Let’s Go @Icelandair_TeamICE

By far the best fan trailer I have ever seen for Infinite Flight. Kudos to you.


Holy crap @Alexander_Nikitin I am shocked.

Your editing skills are on point. I can’t stand how AMAZING it is.


What a work Alex, you smashed it. Well done!


Man, nice edit. Close to perfect for me. If you don’t mind, 2 minor things that would enhance it even more: I miss one part in beween where the camera isn’t moving that fast (I know you cut it on the soundtrack, but one slow camera movement underlines the majestic appearance of the plane even more)
And please choose another typefont.
Everything else: perfectly executed.
Did you use some professional software or an app?

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THIS IS ABSOLUTELY MIND-BLOWING! I hope you didn’t have to clean up the pilots’ vomit from all those formation flights!


I am mind-blown by this - this is absolutely incredible.

I can’t even believe that you made an IF trailer that looks REALLY GOOD.
I mean… You are better than Jason!😜 😂 (Jokes…)
Are you interested in making a topic on how to make such videos? I really would be interested to see such thing from you :)

Wow this is the best trailer

Ah one more note: (Please take this as feedback only, you know that you did a great job!)

  1. Text: Umm, IMO it will be better if you removed it… I mean its good, but you over exaggerated with it.
  2. Ik IF is quite pixely… and you can’t do anything about it. But, try your best to limit the shots which show the ground when you are low, try to make formation flights really high so it doesn’t show the ground when its bad haha. aka, remove the pixely shots because it ruins the video :)

Amazing 🤩😍!!

Wow! Really impressive work once again. The cuts are fantastic, music fits very well and the flying part looks very cool as well.

Very happy to have been able to support this project (in an extremely minor way).
Thanks for sharing!

Superb job, that editing is fantastic!!

Woah, this is… fantastic… 😱

Wow this is great and yes it is king mongoose


Super Video i love it.

That’s an honor to have Henrik comment on it after 2 years of silence
Yes I know about this

Thumbnail updated accordingly


What editing software do you use? @Alexander_Nikitin