Infinite Flight 20.2 fan-trailer

Alexander is still on fire from these transitions somebody help him


The aircraft movements, mixed with the transitions and music, were outstanding, incredible job Alexander. I find these so mesmerizing to watch.

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Hmmm… seems that @Alexander_Nikitin could get a new job at IF as official trailer producer.


This is awesome, but i feel the shots were very short and quickly switching to properly enjoy each scenario you captured, i would recommend spending a little longer on each capture then quickly switching.

Other then that it was Amazing !!!

You weren’t lying when you said it is 100 times better than 20.1. Amazing job!

trailer-tastic (good job)


That intro is the coolest intro I have seen of anything, okay, maybe not as cool as Star Wars but you get the point. That was just amazing. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this and keep up the AMAZING work!

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Wow, that is an absolutely stunning video, the editing is literally on another level. So awesome!

Truly amazing work Alexander, cheers for all the work you put in. Definitely one of the best videos I’ve ever seen featuring Infinite Flight to date!


The funny thing about that sentence is that the music in the vid was found by me in an Ipad Pro commercial

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This is amazing @Alexander_Nikitin keep up the great work!
You have a career in comerical making

Wow! Your Videos Are Really Good! I really Enjoyed this one. Keep up the great Work!

LOL!!! Email them they would love it! You my friend have a job to come in the video Industry!


Wow Amazing job!

The virgin one got me. Good one 😂

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Just wow! That was so mesmerizing to watch!!!

I don’t have anything else to say except that this is absolutely fantastic. Well done.

Omg this should have been the beta trailer. Absolutely amazing!!

It’s an honor to have been part of making this. You can see me in the PIA 77W!

That is absolutely stunning Alexander! Amazing work there!

That would be because the time old joke of we Aussies are upside down

Wow. Just wow. IN.CRE.DI.BLE