Infinite Flight 20.1

@PlaneCrazy can I just ask you kindly to please don’t share photos from the 20.1 update until we get them 🙂


Whether you have an Android or have an iOS device, the update will come.
The app stores will roll out the updates. It will take time.
So do something in the meantime. If you’re a pilot in training, maybe read up on some important items. Or if you’re really bored, try drawing or something.

We will all eventually get 20.1 :)!


Go outside and take a nice long walk/hike. Enjoy the great outdoors, and before you know it the update will hit your device.


i don’t think we know that…

West coast already got it.

Some people from each coasts have got it

I haven’t 🤷‍♂️

I’m in the East omg 😒

A few sugestions to those on Android who’re still waiting…

I got 20.1 update on play store in the other phone, but still 19.4 on the other phone with different gmail acc.

Log out of play store, log in, voila!

Might work for App Store too :)


Android users have Already got it

I GOT IT!!! About to open

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Oh… I know majority from West that said they got it… or they could be trolls

Read this before posting. We don’t require a running commentary on who has it and who doesn’t.


Anyways, have a good update everybody, and of course a good day!


I cannot find a single person on iOS who has it tho


Aw man. Just wait it will come soon!

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This is made me wish I lived in America and had a Android device (I would never want to in my correct state of mind)


Can any dev/mod see if they can check with Apple and ask why its taking so long - loads of Android users have it yet no apple users do.


Hey folks. Due to constant moderation of this topic, it is taking us way too much energy and time to watch this topic for hours on end. Please see the pinned banner for more information on why you haven’t received the update yet.

Telling us what device you have, what town, country, state, or what part of the world you live in, does not do any good other than clutter up the blog post feed. That said, please read the post below as it will answer 90% of the replies that were in the blogpost. Thanks, hang in there, and have a wonderful day!