Infinite Flight 20.1

Blog article by Jason Rosewell

Last year, the Infinite Flight community was asked to vote on which aircraft they would like to see built or reworked in the simulator. The answer was clearly to rework one of aviation’s widebody giants; the Boeing 777. Infinite Flight 3D artists and aircraft developers set to work building a model from the ground up. In the first update of 2020, Infinite Flight brings the reworked B772 with other variants to follow, along with a new worldwide database of navigation data with instrument procedures, and much more.

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20.1 Release Notes

Reworked B777-200 with animated cockpit, reworked B737 live cockpit, new VNAV, global instrument procedures, and more!

  • B777-200 includes 19 existing and 7 new liveries, real 777 sound pack, animated cockpit with live instruments, improved flight physics, main gear steering, gear tilt, wing flex, and more. Available to Infinite Flight Pro subscribers.
  • B737 family cockpit rework with animated flight deck featuring live instruments and two new liveries.
  • APU with realistic sounds added to all equipped aircraft.
  • VNAV added to the autopilot system across our entire fleet for fully automated descents.
  • NEW Global database of instrument procedures including SIDs, STARS, and Instrument approaches for all airports with published procedures provided by NavBlue.
  • Airspace rework with properly defined airspaces, waypoints, NAVAIDs, and more, updated regularly to reflect real-world changes.
  • NEW Oceanic tracks
  • NEW Center control facilities for ATC
  • NEW Digital ATIS (D-ATIS), new ATC commands, and ATC interface improvements
  • Server moderation improvements. Ghosts/Reports are now part of our violation system on our live servers.
  • Reworked pilot grade system, improved violation interface, and on-screen options to jump straight to our online tutorials.
  • Gate restrictions removed on casual server
  • “Aircraft too large” message added for destination airports
  • FIXED long-haul crashes for some iOS users
  • FIXED Wheels now move in replay mode
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes


This is amazing! Thank you so much Infinite Flight!

Your work is beyond appreciated, and it’s quite astounding to see all that is coming in 20.1 during times like what the world is facing currently.



Infinite Flight has come a long way.

That’s amazing. Great Update keep the effort.


The hype train is real. Can’t wait to enjoy this beauty of an update!


Nice thanks

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Thank you!!!

We all appreciate your hard work especially during these hard times!


yay new update

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Thank you so much! I love that APU is on all aircraft with it irl!


Hello infinite flight. Just a message: THANK YOU! 😊

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Thank you so much for this update! I love all the features and the fix for the IOS app crash!

aye cant wait for it to come out in Canada


Just in time for summer vacation! Thanks developers and testers for all your hard work over the past few months, I’m sure it was worth the wait.


Thank you so much! Thank you developers and beta testers!

Very cool, guys. Well done!

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YAY! Thanks Jason!

Awesome work devs, thank you! 😁

I have no words, this is the best update since global, incredible job to all of you!


Awesome! I’m a little gutted that there is no clouds but the 737 cockpit more than makes up for it :)





I don’t have it either

Wow, this has to be one of the most feature-rich updates to Infinite Flight!