Infinite Flight 20.1 Update

So far Infinite Flight 20.1 Update will come with
Boeing 777 revamped
Airport Diagram
What other things will be released and Can this update come with F/C converter so we know what the temp is in Fahrenheit and more regions available for the people who cant afford pro?

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The airport diagram shocked me I am soooo excited for that it is much needed


Airport diagrams? Did I miss something?

Check Infinite Flight instagram

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it will be very useful

There’s already a topic about this. It got closed for 4 hours because y’all can’t handle being mature about this update. Don’t make another.


Thought this was the actual update for a second…could you change the title?

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There’s a thread tracking development of the 20.1 update already. Please keep track there once it’s open again. I’m glad everyone is excited for this :)