Infinite Flight 20.1 fan trailer

Hi, so I’ve been stuck at home with a flu and I thought the best way to spend my time would be to make a fan trailer for 20.1

Also if you want to know the locations just turn on the subtitles


Route: a lot of them
Flight time: tens of flights so it’s a lot
Server: 100% solo

Also, a final cut screenshot of the final project

A lot of frames there ,don’t you agree?


Very good video and audio!

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Wow! I can see the amount of thought and work went into this! It is lovely!

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If it was a movie half the budget would have been spent on the bit between 0:58 and 1:09


AMAZING 🤩 I really loved it! 😝

Looks so dope! Great job!

Holy Guacamole that’s insanely well done! and some very impressive transitions were put into this.

Awesome Job

Dang, that’s an amazing trailer. Really loving that transition from the 772 to the new United 737.

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That trailer is amazing! 👏

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I feel like the one after it (in game horizon to 737 horizon) is the king. At least I envisioned it to be so

Easily one of the best videos I’ve seen posted here. Get well soon!

WOW! Great video! I like it alot! Keep up to great work.

Oh wow. That’s incredible! I have no words, it’s so well made. From the angles and camerawork, or even the time of day, it’s all on-point. Well done Alexander!

Oh darn, I feel like I’m always underwhelmed with these kind of home made trailers on here, always has a very kind of the music is fast so the video is cool kinda vibe, and a very very iMovie vibe, but you can definitely tell this one is properly done. Not only do you have Final cut but you definitely used it, I don’t think you could pull a lot of that off in iMovie period. Some of those free cam shots are on point as well, and the music and the video matches up oh so well. Honestly it’s super good. If I had to make one critique (which I guess I don’t but I will anyway 😜) I would say more daytime shots would make the whole thing feel more bright and upbeat. Like sunset is pretty and I’m not saying take it all out but I would definitely have a higher ratio of daylight because that really makes the detail in the aircraft especially more evident. But that’s just my opinion. You have definitely surprised me though. Easily the best home made trailer I’ve seen on the IFC.


Wow! That was an amazing video! Fantastic work!

Well i won’t say nothing good can come out of iMovie. I’ve made this video completely in iMovie. I won’t say how much I “loved” syncing audio and video, but everything after that was made in Final Cut

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I love this !!! very well put together with the song choice and clips used. Solid 8/10 for me, couple of parts could be done better as i am sure you probably know and feel but overall that was Awesome !!!

Darn guess I just suck at iMovie then 😂

I guess I got to comfortable with the fancy stuff in Final Cut and it’s hard to go backwards, but maybe I need to figure that out.

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I bet the other 2 points are only lost because of the TAAG part. I’m not a massive fan of that part either to be honest