Infinite Flight 19.4 Is Here

Great job on the instruments! And the Cessna is🔥😍


I can already butter the A350 so well (the gear tilt adds to the butteriness too :)

Thank you to the Infinite Flight team who worked so hard to deliver such an amazing update as 19.4! You guys are amazing.


Oh boy! I like this update! The A350 is really awsome isnt it guys?

Wish I could say the same thing :/

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Same here Karl, just got home, flight still going, 30 mins till landing after a 11hr long flight, game crashes… oh well, hope for them o push out a hotfix for long hauls. Have seen some others say the same thing, that flight at a certain length may not work and then Se did say that the matter is rather complicated… hope to get a detailed through explanation on what the issue is soon.

For now, I’d say, do not try to exceed 8-10hrs, stay below that realm, till they (The Devs/Staff) get to us in post explaining the cause and whatnot, but rest assured, there are plenty of amazing new, cool roue to fly with the A350 :)


Ya!! Big learning curve!!

how long before 19.4 update downloads to Apple tablet?

Only got to fly for less than an hour yesterday and I’m blown away with 19.4. The new UI is fantastic and intuitive. I didn’t know how much I was missing progressive braking until I had it. Planning on spending many hours in the 172 getting back to navigation basics and IFR training!! Map is fantastic and I didn’t even get to play with the A350 or new TBM cockpit.

I have to say while some other mobile sims are doing some amazing things, there are key things that that I feel they never get right, but IF nails it every time. Things like flight physics, a practical/functional UI for mobile, 15m scenery that lets me reference real world landmarks I use in RL flying, live weather, updated navigation databases, ect. Not that visuals are a the most important thing, but the new 172 cockpit is much cleaner and looks more realistic than any other 172 in mobile sim that I’ve seen.

Every update has just made me more excited for the future of IF, because each has been a stepping stone to something bigger and greater in IF’s future. 19.4 is no exception. What IF LLC chooses to implement into the sim is always done right, enhances current feature and builds the framework for future ones. It is truly a comprehensive flight sim that is being built from the ground up for mobile. Sure, there may be some features that IF doesn’t have yet, however when they do implement those features in the future you can be sure it will be the best in business of mobile flight sim.


I love 19.4 as well, but the new UI is frustrating and annoying. I hate not having everything at the tip of my fingers as to now I have to select the A/P button or the Systems Button to access something. I get the point of this was the limit the size it takes up on the screen, but at the least there should be an option in setting to choose which UI you would like as I am not really happy with this new one.

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Same for me 👌😂


It’s barely been over 24 hours with the the update rolling out. Give it some time and you’ll get used to it :)

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@Ayush_Mathur Yes, I am aware it hasn’t been out for long, but I have already flown multiple flights and I don’t like not having things available immediately. It was much better and I would take the old UI over a less intrusive UI any day.

Understandable. Yeah there is definitely a learning curve. I’m also trying to figure out my workflow for cockpit management at this point. Perhaps with some feed back from the community and others who feel the same way that will become an option. IF LLC can always make some changes to the New UI if they see fit base on feed back from the community.

You have to agree though it is awesome to have access to new systems we didn’t have before and looking forward to expanding those in the future for various aircraft in the IF fleet.

Maybe that’s your view, I respect that. But I don’t see another way IF expanding the features in the UI previously available to us. In my opinion, it will take time for all of us to get used to it. You aren’t the only one who’s slowed down in cockpit management ;)


@Capt_D_Brown absolutely. I mean as seen with the A350-900 IF does indeed listen to the community. I hope that a feature that allows the user to choose between the old and new UI becomes a thing. Other than that, I have no complaints. Speaking of which, the New United Livery is beautiful and hope IF releases it for all the other United Aircrafts in the game!

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I totally agree. It will take some time to get used to. If Infinite Flight can do it, I can.

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What does OIS not avail on the A350 cockpit display mean?

That can be found in the support FAQ.

Have a look at this comment 🙂

Hehehe its the Delta 787 V2

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