Infinite Flight 19.4 Is Here

It was my first flight !!!


Which site is that ? I forgot

The hype will die down initially, and then the C172 will get some love.

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I hope theres some tutorial videos on the way, such as how to use VOR’s/DME’s. Its nice to have so much realism, but it really sucks for those who don’t understand anything in the NAV section. I’d love to see some easy tutorial on how to fly a VOR approach, that don’t just teach how to input everything, but how to understand it.


The new map is hot 🔥my favourite addition!


I have Flown it with an 787


Thanks!!! you are fantastic!!! :)

Huge congrats to the whole team! Best mobile sim by a long shot, but we already knew that. ;)


Just took off from LFPG enroute VABB! A359 is amazing!


Im really enjoying the 172 with its different liveries and styles. Abit disappointed that the a350 didn’t have different engine sounds but i won’t let that ruin the whole update. Great job on the new map and waypoint system.


I agree, i also think i’m the only one enjoying the 172 more than the a350 (hides)


I wish I had a subscription.

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I’m so happy that the day I came back to IF they released the A350 two hours after !

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Well, since I live in a (insert bad word here) country, I can’t enjoy this beauty for what she was made for! No long hauls! If you’re curious to know why, just search up Eskom.

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What is the liveries?

It says in the release article. Highly suggest giving it a read. :)

Im very very very sad now!My subscription ended yesterday!!!

The UI is so confusing. Autoland is hard. It will be hard to get used to!!

Great job! IF has really outdone themselves with 19.4!

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I agree, the UI is great but will need to get used to!!